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We all know for a long time now it was all about mixing and playing with different prints. But slowly the matchy trend has walked its way into the fashion world and its becoming a favorite. The great part about this trend is it makes getting ready a lot easier without thinking of how to pair up the top and bottom. It also works great with any color or print trending from Spring to Summer.

I got caught up with the trend and decided to wear an African print crop top and a matching high waist skirt.

Claire Sulmer went further with the trend by wearing all royal blue from head to toe.

June Ambrose celebrity stylist paired up really bold prints

Solange Knowles is known for her colorful and unique style. She decided to go with an Orange blazer and adds a little twist to the look by pairing it with a knotted orange skirt and orange shoes.

Jennifer Lopez looking hot in all hot pink

Kim Kardashian went for the classic look all black with a touch of gold accessories.

Amber Rose looking casual and girly in all Floral

This trend can be simple or over the top depending on your style. If you like it toned down, you can pair single colored, monochrome pieces or toned down florals. But if you like it loud and over the top, you can pair up bold and loud prints together.

It is limitless when it comes to styling this trend. You can go from casual to the red carpet, and then finish the look by adding your favorite accessories.

When going for the matching look, if you want that little pop in your look, its best for the shoes and bags to stand out. Pick a color that stands out from your outfit, but at the same time compliments it. For instance, as you can see below, I am wearing denim on denim and I paired it with multicolored heels and transparent a clutch.

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  1. J-lo looks so beautiful !

  2. Great post!! Thanks for sharing the tip on how to rock em. :-)

  3. love this post. thanks for sharing

  4. Its a cool trendy and i like the way you styled yours

  5. Great post! I don't think matchy matchy ever truly goes out of style. I love the way Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez interpreted this trend and of course, you look pretty fabulous too:-)


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