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Hey guys, have you heard about the collection Jeremy Scott created for Moschino inspired by Mcdonalds? well for some of you who did not know, now you know. Jeremy Scott is the new creative Director from Moschino, his new collection has a new and vibrant taste for the brand that had celebs such as Katy Perry, Anna Dello Russo, Rita Ora, Amber Rose and many more get obsessed with the collection. Not only will you find the celebs being part of the trend, but also individuals who just can't get enough of the collection. Who says you can't wear fast food :).

Let me know your thoughts on the Trend and collection



  1. I don't think I like the idea of being a walking banner for fast food brands; maybe if the price is right, I just might change my

    I kinda like Rita Ora's ensemble though.

  2. I will definitely rock rita Ora's look but walking around with a big yellow "M" no way

  3. I love the color combination, i'm not fond of the idea.

  4. lovely post and lovely trend but I really don't like the idea

  5. I'm with everyone. I don't like the trend. Big thumbs down from me lol


  6. Anna dello Russo has been giving so much life to this collection. Nothing to hate here. Totally love


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