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Hey guys, I just realized I had not done the recap of last month, and this month is almost gone. So far, last month was pretty interesting. I learnt some new recipes, saw some interesting things and so much more below. Enjoy!!

This is my favorite lipstick that I got from the Mac store at shoprite. It's called "please me", its a pink matte lipstick. I wore it in this post  (click here)

My hubby has been amazing!! "God dey". Just been spoiling me left and right, its bad enough his already the most understand man. After having lunch, we stopped at an Apple store and he got me an IPad Air :) (love wantintin). The guy selling to us looks like Kevin Hart, doesn't he?

This is a throw back picture I took in Canada in 2011, just goofing off with one of my girls Mofe while have a sundae at an Italian restaurant. If you are wondering if I finished it, the answer is yeesssssss!! we each had one and we finished them, so its not only me :p 

This was just dinner time at my house, and one of our good friends stopped over. I made roasted potatoes with garlic onion chicken breast with bread crumbs, salad, goat meat and tomatoe sauce. If you look closely, you'll see I didn't have any salad on my plate "whistles and walks away slowly*

"Drum roll please......." all I can say is, it is only in Nigeria that things like this happen. I was out with the hubby and you know even though its a cashless society, one still needs to hold cash cos pos can fail sometimes. So i decided to use atm, and behold, what comes out is this note below hidden in between the cash I pulled out of the machine. Something told me to count the money to see if it was complete (which has never happened) so when I was counting, I saw this note and yelled "Chinekeeee" just to show how wicked human beings are. the note says: "he who spends this money will run mad in jesus name amen" sigh! when I put it on instagram, I got plenty views on what to do with it, but at the end of the day, I spent it on recharge card lol and I didnt run mad :D, well I prayed before spending it and sent it back to sender cos you don't corse and think it won't come back to you especially when it is done from a wicked heart. Moving on.....

I'm sure you all are aware of the Solange and JayZ fight in the elevator, the jokes that came out of it are too hilarious lol. This was the one I found so interesting. 

Lastly, my sad plantain and was getting ready to fry, it looked so sad :(, but i still cooked it :D.



  1. Some of these gave me a chuckle, like the sad plantain and I appreciate that. Enjoy your Life!

  2. Haha, the 'cursed naira note' one was pure jokes! And the food looks amazing - I need that giant sundae in my life

    Karina ( xx

  3. The food looks amazing. The person that wrote that on the 1k note must be very wicked. Pls back to sender joor.

  4. The food you cooked looks so lovely and I like your plates as well, xx

  5. The plantain really has a sad face , niaja and their naira notes + I think the money should have been removed from circulation.
    Finally, this kin love chai!!!!! Me sef go love n marry oooo. Happy for you.


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