Night Flow

Hi Everyone!! Hope you had an amazing weekend. The weather has been really hot lately its insane. Speaking of insane, the roads in Naija is really messing with me, It ruined one of my lovely shoes *sad face*. I feel like wearing slippers to walk around, then when I enter the building of my destination, I change into my heels. Just can't take the craziness anymore. 
Anyways before I forget the reason for this post. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter , you would know that I attended a fashion show last week. The show took place in the evening, so I went with a flowy brown dress with a pair of high heel sandals. If you are wearing a dress like this, your enemy is the wind. I almost pulled a Marilyn Monroe, it wasn't a pretty sight. I had to drop my clutch to secure my dress *just picture it*. Hope you love the look as much as I did, enjoy!!

Dress: Grey Velvet
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Forever 21
Clutch:  Peep Toe



  1. beautiful !!


  2. i like it. from d back it looks like u are wearing a cape.

  3. Love the dress, you look stunning. Nice shoes too.

  4. Lovely dear, although the weather does appear cold to me with the constant rain and all, lol.

  5. lovely blog you got girl, really beautiful look. i just followed you on GFC. Hope you follow back? Thaanks.

  6. Beautiful clutch.


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