White-T Casual

Hey Guys, morning!! Its raining cats and dogs and dogs today. I could not sleep all night because the thunders were so loud that I thought there was an explosion at first, then  the other two times were just too loud and disturbing for words. I woke up 3 times, lets just say I'm a little cranky this morning, feeling a little tired. Can't wait for night time to sleep again "Yawn". Well before I fall asleep writing this post, let me get straight to the point. I was invited to a fashion show that occurred on Saturday, It was the designer's first show in Nigeria. It's always go to support and encourage up coming designers/entrepreneurs, the post will be up this week.  I decided to go with a casual look, I just felt it was the right style to go considering the fact it was a first time the designer was showcasing their collection. 
I had three places to be on that Saturday, there is nothing more confusing when you have numerous places to go to and you don't really have time on your hands. Lastly, I want to thank you all for being very patient with me. Muah!! Love you

Top: Laura
Jeans: Asos
Bag: Marc Jacob
Sandals: Musa
Necklace: J.crew


  1. even though it's a casual look, you still nailed it, I wish I could attend more shows I am really getting bored with everyday routines I envy you jare. And please do ignore trhe rain, I used to be uneasy until I admit it's doing it's duty and I have to do mine. lovely outfit between

  2. You look so cute, I love love those boyfriend jeans.

  3. I'll call this casual and chic.looking forward to the designer's post.

  4. Love!
    That neck piece is everything!
    You lookk great.

  5. Can't help but notice the pink tote bag, i'm just a sucker for pink. i like the combinations and those jeans are dope!


  6. Casual and yet so classy :-)

  7. I love this look. The necklace is everything!


  8. I love you jeans



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