1st Runner Up Mr World Welcome Party

Hey guys, happy new week!! I know this is coming quite late, I was suppose to have this up last week, but It was a busy weekend for me starting from Friday, so It was impossible. But it's better late than never right? I guessed as much. I will update you on my weekend as time goes by, you know how I do. So lets get straight to the matter. I was invited to the Mr world 1st runner up welcome back party about 2 weeks ago, and if you missed the post on what I wore, you can check it out HERE . Our Mr Nigeria known to be Emmanuel Ikubese represented us in Mr World and came 1st runner up (YAY NAIJA!!). So the event was just a way to show him some appreciation and welcome him home.

He was interviewed by Yvonne, so is a media personality. I kept staring at her (i know creepy right) because I loved her outfit first of all and her hair was soooooo long!!  Also loved Emmanuel's blazer. 

While the interview was going on, we were served drinks, and yes I asked for my favorite drink Chapman (O Lord help me) 

I had to show their shoe game, thoughts?

Guy Murray Bruce the Vice president of Silverbird, was also present to welcome Mr Nigeria

His parents where also very proud of him and were present to show some support. Not many parents would be there to support their sons or daughters for a pageant, so I personally though it was pretty cool that they supported their son on this journey. 

A few of the Mr Nigeria Contestants

Yeeesss!! I had to take a shot at I and the hubby's shoes for the night hehe

There was no way I was going to leave without taking a picture with him, a pretty nice guy. 



  1. Beautiful pictures and its so encouraging to know how much support his parents gave him.

  2. beautiful photos!!


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