Fashpa Day Out

Hey guy, Happy weekend!!! Finally as I promised, here are the pictures of Fashpa Day Out event I attended last weekend, it was filled with good food, drinks and music. It was like a shoppers heaven can't Lie. I hope you enjoy the pictures and share your thoughts.

The CEO of Fashpa (on my right) is such a sweet, lovely and shy lady, you might not believe she is the owner because of how humble she presents herself. She's a cool chic in my book.

There is no way I'll see clothes or accessories and not want to buy something, except nothing interests me. I placed an order on the dress I'm holding, can't wait to get it and rock it. 


Took a picture with my fellow blogger mate Mide Coker

Also another picture with my childhood friend Alaezi who is part of the Fashpa team

I have to confess something... these cupcakes where the bomb.com, I had a couple "hehe". They were that good. I need to find the bakery behind it.

There were also amazing finger foods, I could not take pictures of them all, I got caught up eating them. 

Florence H store also displayed some of their luxury items. 

The DJ was just giving some mad tunes.

Some more guests who were chilling outside.



  1. I just discovered your blog but I love your style - looking forward to see your next article =)

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  2. The cupcake people are Cookie Jar!

  3. oooh that looks like a fabulous event. i love your pants... and teh food looks yummy!!

    xo, Carla

  4. You sure had fun. Lovely blazers

  5. Looks like a great event. Love you and Mide's outfit.

  6. Gorgeous look you had. Guess you had fun


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