Needle Kraft Couture Fashion Show

Hey guys, hope your week is going great, Its another Fashion Show episode. Like I said on my Twitter and Instagram handle, I was invited to Needle Kraft's Fashion Show to check out their collections. It was a fun event and was packed with a lot of celebrities, I almost thought I was in a Nollywood production. 
The place was really packed, and there were practically no more sits remaining. Luckily for me I was taken to the front *phew*. 
The highlight of the event for me was the designer's collection and Denrele as the host, he was just to lively and funny, also the comedians killed it as usual. Enjoy!! more pictures of the event below. If you missed the post of what I wore (click here)

I just had to show a close up picture of Denrele's shoes. Till today I don't know how he can walk in these shoes and I'm a woman that loves heels, but I'm still wondering *thinking*

Uti was also one of the hosts for the day, with Susan Peters and the lovely lady by his side. I loved the prints on her outfit, so beautiful. 

Only Denrele would call out people from the audience to walk the runway. The lady on the left was really shy, It took a lot of serious convincing before she was confident enough to do it. If it was me, the whole show would end and I won't still move, My Middle name is SHY! except I have my girls around me cheering me on, then my alter ego will step out. Also Emeka Ossai was one of the people they pulled out to walk the runway, he was so confident and showed a few moves. The whole crowd went wild clapping and laughing. 

I helped myself to some fruits on the table. I think I and the people on my table finished it *hungry children* :).

There were a few performances that night, but this group was the best. The girl in the middle was so cool, she had everyone's attention, they danced their hearts out like their lives depended on it. An amazing performance, I wish I can remember the name of their group. 

Oritse Femi in the building.

Look who were spotted, the divas.

A few up coming designers were allowed to showcase their designs. This collection was inspired by water.

What you've all been waiting for, Needle Kraft couture. Pictures below

Susan Peters and Uti  

Chidi Mokeme

The Designer

Tese Onokala


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