Sunday Look: Throwback Shawl

Hey guys, It's another new day, with new possibilities. I can't believe my month is over after today. It's been a cool one though "I'm just a birthday whore" who isn't though? well the reason why this post is called "Throwback shawl" is because I wore this outfit late last month to an event after church. 
You know those kinda Sundays were your tired but you know you have to go to church and at the end of the day you just wanna feel free? yeh it was those Sundays, that's why I wore the shawl and pencil skirt, but I could not sacrifices the heels. 
I would just like to ask, what do you think about shawls? Would you wear one? 

Necklace: A gift
Shawl: Style & Co women
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Valentino



  1. haven't seen these since high school back in 08.. I had them in every color lol! and yes I would wear one. Especially when I'm going out to have a big lunch or dinner ;) .the sucking belle technique won't be useful then. Love your outfit and your shoes girl!

  2. You look very good in this shawl and I have not seen them in years, but you are bringing it back right here! Enjoy.

  3. You look amazeballs...!!! ������

  4. I love your blog and your fashion details! I would love if we could follow each other!


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