Hey guys, I am going to share a few random facts about myself. I have been tagged by a couple of friends on instagram and my fellow bloggers Sisiyemmie and Midecoker. I guess its about time you all know a few things about me, here we go!!

1) I am a gamer: I love to compete in any game such as video games, board game or physical game (ex basketball, badminton, table tennis etc)

2) I develop energy after taking sugary snacks like candy!! yummy (I'm a serious sweet tooth, it runs in the family) Thank God diabetes is not in the family #phew

3) My sister and I talk with a Valley accent (blonde) when we have juicy gist to share with each other, we have only done it in front of a few people lol, its the funniest thing.

4) I am a recovering addict of HELLO KITTY. I had a lot of hello kitty merchandise growing up, to the point I spent most of my vacation money on it. My mother was worried for me. 

5) I love babies so much, that I can play with them from morning till night and I won't get tired. I have actually made a few little kids fall asleep after a long time of playing (my kids will love me :D )

6) I love ANIMES!! I spent my Uni years watching animes like Bleach, Naruto, Samuri x, Pokemon, Samuria Champlo, Fate Stay Night etc, I can go on and on. Well because wifi is not that friendly here in Naija, It's been reduced, but its still a huge craving in my heart. 

7) I love to help out friends and family any way I can, more like words of advice, but if you really need me physically, I am there without any question. 

8) Growing up, I was mostly the middle person when my friends were arguing with each other, Its always awkward cos I love them all, so I cannot choose any side at the end of the day.  

9) I get a high from saving than I do from shopping, I never understood it. Just knowing I can save money regardless of any amount I get and still live a decent life trips me. 

10)  I easily have a perception on a perosn's character, how they act etc. I think its an amazing gift, because I am mostly 90% right.  

11) I am a huge time loner, I can stay at home for 2 to 3 weeks and I won't get bored or lonely at all. I always know how to entertain myself with video games, dvds, watching my favorite shows online, drawing or trying to craft something. 

12) I and my best friend have been friends for 18 year, and she was my maid of honor :D 

13) My sister, brother and I don't hug or say I love you to each other cos we know we do and saying it to each other is just gay.

14) Sometimes when I want to pray, I just talk to God like I would talk to a close friend of mine or my father, because he is the reason for where I am and where I am heading to #myeverything 

15) I always know how I left a certain thing, to the point that if its moved an inch, I know someone was there. 

16)I can smile for the whole of Nigeria, I always joke that I should be the face of a toothpaste brand, due to my extra white teeth and smile :D

17) My dad and I have the same birthday, both on July 25th yay!! 

18) I always loved my space and love being alone, but ever since I met my hubby, we can't stay away from each other after I graduated and moved back home. 

19) For some reason, you can bribe me with fried plantain, I don't know why it's so :( 

20) I am so shy its a terrible behavior. I keep working on it, hopefully one day I will overcome it. It's sad that I have a stock up straight face, people always read me the wrong way. #life

Deola Sagoe showcased her collection at the New York Fashion Week. The collection was breathtaking and cut to perfection. Each piece looks so easy to wear and comfortable. I don't think much accessories are needed to style any of the outfits, because they stand out on their own. Great Collection.

Casual look inspiration

Saturdays are my relaxing days, for me to step out, I love or respect where I am heading to. I'm still in my casual phase, I just want to be comfortable at all times. I went for a really colorful look to match how I felt on the inside. I was so happy and excited, my hubby told me I looked really cute in my outfit *blush* which made me happier. 
I loved how the yellow canvas made the whole outfit pop, it added some cuteness to the whole look. 

Baby doll Top
Leggins: Asos
Bag: DVF
Shoes: Canvas
Sunglasses: Asos
Necklace: A gift

Have a blessed weekend!!


Which celeb made the list this week, lets check it out.

This week, the celebs where obsessed with the color "black", it has never looked any more sexy. Here are a few of the celebs that made the cut of my favorite looks of the week. 

Jennifer Lopez wore snake skin material from head to toe, not everyone can pull it off, but she nailed it.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde (on the left) looking golden in an EJjiro Tafiri Tan wrap dress at a movie premier at Houston Texas.

Ex beauty queen Dabota Lawson looking sexy and elegante in a Vonne Couture Black lace dress to an event

The new married couple Gabrielle Union in a sexy silver dress and Dwayne in a suit with a hat looking dapper.

Genevieve Nnaji Looking so glamorous and elegant in a black lace dress at Mo Abudu's 50th birthday party. 

Dolapo Oni is a one shoulder dress with a high slit. A simple and elegant look

Nicole Scherzinger looking all blue and casual in Beverly Hills

Waje in a fitted black long dress showing of her curves at Mo Abudu's 50th birthday party. 

Rihanna in an altuzarra spring 2015 show black fringes dress. Only Rihanna can make this outfit look sexy and classy at the same time.

Which look is your fav?


The whole media has been buzzing for the past 2 days now about Nick Cannon's 2 million dollar shoes made from Diamonds. It is being reviewed by Guinness properties to be potentially named as the most expensive shoes in the world. The designer behind the most talked about shoes is Tom Ford. It was said to have 14,000 white diamonds wedged into the white gold.

My Opinion

When I read the amount the shoes cost, I converted it to Naira, which is about 326,000,000 Naira. So I said to myself, if someone gave me this shoe to wear, will I wear it to host a show or actually take it and disappear to my country and spend it on properties and a family business? :D. I'm sure you all know the answer to the question. 

So my question to you is, What do you think about the shoe, and what will you do if the shoes where given to you?

Can't wait to read your thoughts!!

How you all doing? I hope your having a great week.  I know a couple of you won't be able to watch the previous video HERE about my recent purchases. So I normally do a write up so that we can all be on the same track.

Everyone loves to shop male or female, it always feels good when you can add a few items to your closet. There is nothing more relaxing than shopping, do you agree? 

I have been in a very casual mood lately, so I decided to add a few flats to my wardrobe. These canvas are so cute and are a steal for me cos I got them at a great price. I just had to get two cute colors. Get it Yellow and Pink only a few left.

This is my first bright colored sunglasses. I wanted to add a little color to my collection, isn't it cute? Get it Here 

My sister bought me the colorful necklace at the top when she traveled. She got it from a small random store in New York, she told me the price was between $10 - $15. She also bought a pair for herself.
The second necklace is to die for, when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I can't wait to rock this baby.

Get it HERE

Every girl needs a floral piece in their closet, so I went for an over sized shirt. I just love how the sleeves are rolled up
Get it Here

High Waist skinny Jeans with a tear in the knee has been trending for a while now, so I decided to be a pair, one in black and one in blue.
Get it Blue and Black

I loved this skirt to the point that I had to overlook the price. It's just so cute and it brings out the girly side of you. I can't wait to wear it out.
Get it Here

I love this monochrome shirt, I had my new high waist jeans in mind when I purchased it
Get it Here

I wanted a simple shirt dress that I could easily put on and walk out of the house, and at the same time look cute. Get it Here

Happy Shopping!!

Any plans for the weekend?

Hey Guys, I am finally back to blogging and feeling a lot stronger and better. Thanks for all your prayers and support :). Today I have the video Haul I promised to share for a long time now. I will have the written post up on the blog tomorrow for those who won't be able to watch the video. Hope you Enjoy!!

Hey guys! I would be taking some time off blogging for a couple of days due to being ill. Its been interesting few months for me, but Its time I focus on myself and get back to my healthy, strong and happy self. I love blogging, but its almost impossible due to weakness and other things my body is going through. Hubby is now monitoring me, this is just the opportunity I have for now until I fully recover. Please Just have me in your prayers and I know all will be well. So I need to take time off work, blogging and house duties (my fav part). I Can't wait to fully recover. I love you, and promise to come back with a bang. Muah!! take care and have an amazing weekend! God bless :) 

This is me in my fluffy house shoes, I wear it when I'm feeling down, kinda makes me happy. Haven't worn it in a long time. 

Just how I feel 


Hey guys, Its another Life so far on Instagram episode. In order to put the past behind us, I just want to show you a summary of last month's events. Here we go!!

Last month was so interesting due to the newspapers features. It was so nice to see myself in "Thisday Style" magazine in the same line with Praiz, Bolanle (moments with mo) and Sasha. For the fact they put my full name "Velma Williams" was quite cool :). 

The second feature was in "The PUNCH" Newsapaper, in the society section. I'm I now a society person? lol, just jokes. But I was really shocked to see myself in a magazine let alone Punch newspaper. One of my Pastor's wife told me she saw me in the paper this morning, so I had to go purchase it to see it for myself. I love how people can reveal things about you that you don't reveal. For the fact that I am a Pastor's daughter, It was something I didn't want to say on my blog or who ever I met. I do thank God for the height he has taken my father, beyond his expectation, especially in Russia. But that is his legacy, I want to create mine out on my own merits with the grace of God by my side. May my late mum rest in peace. Amen! #2years

Here I am with the Hubby, with no make up on, hosting one of our good friends Godwin Tom at our house. There was a lot of laughter involved. Do you like my wide smile? :D

This was one of my throwback pictures. Its just a funny picture to me now, sigh!! how time flies. This was a Michael Jackson one year tribute I did years ago, he was and still is an Icon.

Have a fun and blessed week :)


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