20 Random Facts About Me


Hey guys, I am going to share a few random facts about myself. I have been tagged by a couple of friends on instagram and my fellow bloggers Sisiyemmie and Midecoker. I guess its about time you all know a few things about me, here we go!!

1) I am a gamer: I love to compete in any game such as video games, board game or physical game (ex basketball, badminton, table tennis etc)

2) I develop energy after taking sugary snacks like candy!! yummy (I'm a serious sweet tooth, it runs in the family) Thank God diabetes is not in the family #phew

3) My sister and I talk with a Valley accent (blonde) when we have juicy gist to share with each other, we have only done it in front of a few people lol, its the funniest thing.

4) I am a recovering addict of HELLO KITTY. I had a lot of hello kitty merchandise growing up, to the point I spent most of my vacation money on it. My mother was worried for me. 

5) I love babies so much, that I can play with them from morning till night and I won't get tired. I have actually made a few little kids fall asleep after a long time of playing (my kids will love me :D )

6) I love ANIMES!! I spent my Uni years watching animes like Bleach, Naruto, Samuri x, Pokemon, Samuria Champlo, Fate Stay Night etc, I can go on and on. Well because wifi is not that friendly here in Naija, It's been reduced, but its still a huge craving in my heart. 

7) I love to help out friends and family any way I can, more like words of advice, but if you really need me physically, I am there without any question. 

8) Growing up, I was mostly the middle person when my friends were arguing with each other, Its always awkward cos I love them all, so I cannot choose any side at the end of the day.  

9) I get a high from saving than I do from shopping, I never understood it. Just knowing I can save money regardless of any amount I get and still live a decent life trips me. 

10)  I easily have a perception on a perosn's character, how they act etc. I think its an amazing gift, because I am mostly 90% right.  

11) I am a huge time loner, I can stay at home for 2 to 3 weeks and I won't get bored or lonely at all. I always know how to entertain myself with video games, dvds, watching my favorite shows online, drawing or trying to craft something. 

12) I and my best friend have been friends for 18 year, and she was my maid of honor :D 

13) My sister, brother and I don't hug or say I love you to each other cos we know we do and saying it to each other is just gay.

14) Sometimes when I want to pray, I just talk to God like I would talk to a close friend of mine or my father, because he is the reason for where I am and where I am heading to #myeverything 

15) I always know how I left a certain thing, to the point that if its moved an inch, I know someone was there. 

16)I can smile for the whole of Nigeria, I always joke that I should be the face of a toothpaste brand, due to my extra white teeth and smile :D

17) My dad and I have the same birthday, both on July 25th yay!! 

18) I always loved my space and love being alone, but ever since I met my hubby, we can't stay away from each other after I graduated and moved back home. 

19) For some reason, you can bribe me with fried plantain, I don't know why it's so :( 

20) I am so shy its a terrible behavior. I keep working on it, hopefully one day I will overcome it. It's sad that I have a stock up straight face, people always read me the wrong way. #life


  1. Loll!
    Great read. I kept smiling all through.
    We got a couple of things in common, eg. Baby love, Loner , Praying to God like we chatting, etc

  2. Oh nice. Everyone is doing their 20 random things about me post, I should do mine soon too. Love Ifeyinwa tagged me 2 months ago, lol.
    And yes, we do have a couple of things in common too - not saying. You'll know when mine goes up *tongue out*, lol.


  3. Nice to know you better :), I enjoyed reading this.

  4. 11 and 15 points so much at me. You have quite interesting random 20. Very cool. :)

  5. Very interesting facts about you and I could relate to most of them. This is an amazing post.


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