August Life On Instagram So Far

Hey guys, Its another Life so far on Instagram episode. In order to put the past behind us, I just want to show you a summary of last month's events. Here we go!!

Last month was so interesting due to the newspapers features. It was so nice to see myself in "Thisday Style" magazine in the same line with Praiz, Bolanle (moments with mo) and Sasha. For the fact they put my full name "Velma Williams" was quite cool :). 

The second feature was in "The PUNCH" Newsapaper, in the society section. I'm I now a society person? lol, just jokes. But I was really shocked to see myself in a magazine let alone Punch newspaper. One of my Pastor's wife told me she saw me in the paper this morning, so I had to go purchase it to see it for myself. I love how people can reveal things about you that you don't reveal. For the fact that I am a Pastor's daughter, It was something I didn't want to say on my blog or who ever I met. I do thank God for the height he has taken my father, beyond his expectation, especially in Russia. But that is his legacy, I want to create mine out on my own merits with the grace of God by my side. May my late mum rest in peace. Amen! #2years

Here I am with the Hubby, with no make up on, hosting one of our good friends Godwin Tom at our house. There was a lot of laughter involved. Do you like my wide smile? :D

This was one of my throwback pictures. Its just a funny picture to me now, sigh!! how time flies. This was a Michael Jackson one year tribute I did years ago, he was and still is an Icon.

Have a fun and blessed week :)


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  1. Way to go girl. Am also excited for you. Congrats on the press features!

  2. Fantastic work V! Simply excellent!!!!!

  3. nice and congrats, i enjoyed reading this, will following you on instagram.x

  4. You go girl. You are going places


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