Will Be Back Soon

Hey guys! I would be taking some time off blogging for a couple of days due to being ill. Its been interesting few months for me, but Its time I focus on myself and get back to my healthy, strong and happy self. I love blogging, but its almost impossible due to weakness and other things my body is going through. Hubby is now monitoring me, this is just the opportunity I have for now until I fully recover. Please Just have me in your prayers and I know all will be well. So I need to take time off work, blogging and house duties (my fav part). I Can't wait to fully recover. I love you, and promise to come back with a bang. Muah!! take care and have an amazing weekend! God bless :) 

This is me in my fluffy house shoes, I wear it when I'm feeling down, kinda makes me happy. Haven't worn it in a long time. 

Just how I feel 



In Fashion Rehab

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