Would you Wear Nick Cannons 2 Million Dollars Shoe?

The whole media has been buzzing for the past 2 days now about Nick Cannon's 2 million dollar shoes made from Diamonds. It is being reviewed by Guinness properties to be potentially named as the most expensive shoes in the world. The designer behind the most talked about shoes is Tom Ford. It was said to have 14,000 white diamonds wedged into the white gold.

My Opinion

When I read the amount the shoes cost, I converted it to Naira, which is about 326,000,000 Naira. So I said to myself, if someone gave me this shoe to wear, will I wear it to host a show or actually take it and disappear to my country and spend it on properties and a family business? :D. I'm sure you all know the answer to the question. 

So my question to you is, What do you think about the shoe, and what will you do if the shoes where given to you?

Can't wait to read your thoughts!!


  1. SELL, SELL, SELL and use the proceeds to buy my Family a large house, that we can all live in comfortably!

  2. hahahaha i can if its free

  3. Nick please donate these shoes as I have been praying for two million dollars for the Glory of God and "His Love Street Center Project for the homeless" http://Hislovecenter.com/

  4. You are stupid and gay nick . Princess cut stones no less how fitting.


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