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I would like to say Happy Independence Day Nigeria!! we are 54 Years old today and I pray for protection and Guidance in this Country. In other news, I was invited to a Garden Party that took place last Sunday, I was Sisiyemmie's plus 1. It was pretty cool she brought me along :). The dress code of the day was floral and I must say each lady that was present looked so beautiful. The event took place at the Social Place in Victoria Island at 3pm, but I got there at to 5 because I had to eat launch (I never attend events hungry, so that I can fully focus on the reason why I attend an event), also it's pretty tough for me to head out Sundays, its like my day of serious rest after church, is there anyone like that here? 

The people present at the party where bloggers sharing their experiences and a few readers who wanted to get to know a few things about blogging. Each person had their name on a plate and a flower hair accessory.

Almost all the ladies had natural hair, I kinda felt a little bad that I relaxed my hair a few months ago, but when I remembered my struggles, I just said "Whatever"!!

This rainy season is kinda getting a little annoying, I was not happy when it started to drizzle, we had to leave the beautiful setting to go indoors to avoid getting wet. I had to take a little shot from a distance before I went in. (They had already removed a couple of the decorations boo hoo :(  )

The fun still continued inside so it was pretty cool, but there is a confession I have to make. I really have a shy problem its actually annoying and sickening. I can only really talk loud and express myself If I am put on the spot, or I was told that I was going to say a speech or I have a couple of friends around me. I had a lot I wanted to say, but at the end of the day I only talked about a camera "WHO DOES THAT!!!" I really need to over come it, I can't continue this way. I admired the other bloggers who spoke freely. 

There were also pretty cupcakes made by Berry's husband, it's unfortunate I couldn't get a piece due to taking a group picture.

I really loved Barbara1923's dress (on the right), I kept telling her through out the event, it was so cute and pretty. Both ladies looked lovely. 

I and Sisiyemmie 

Locitude and Thosenaturalafricancurls looked lovely in their floral dress

Any plans for today? please to share, Happy Holiday!!




  1. oh wow looks so pretty! and like a lot of fun! lol raining season wont let people be great.

  2. this is such an amazing idea, i have a shy problem too and it always takes just an action as little as disagreeing or agreeing to overcome it. beyond that you seemed to have fun.x

  3. yaaay! I see myself Velma. thanks so much. Why didn't we take a picture together? (for shame). So nice to see you again after all this time.
    please can you mail me the one you took of only me?


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