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House of Tara was lovely enough to send these products. To be honest, I was so excited when the package arrived. After using each of the products, I decided to do a review based on my experience.

Makeup Remover

Tara makeup remover has a little coconut scent. I love the scent of coconut, so I'm going to give it a plus. 

The product is quite oily as shown on my skin below, so for those who might not like the oily feel, it's advisable to wash your face after your done using the product. Also, you need to apply it about twice on the same spot in order to fully remove the makeup. 

Brush Wash

The brush cleaner is perfect for cleaning your brushes right after your done applying your makeup. It contains alcohol that disinfects your makeup brushes.

A little spray on the brush like the picture below and whip the brushes with a tissue paper or cloth to remove what's left. Note: If you use your brush frequently try to wash it once in two weeks.

High Intensity Pigment Eyeshadow Palette

Tara's Eyeshadow palette is filled with a lot of bright colors. They look quite dark and mellow just looking at them, but when applied to the skin, it comes out a lot lighter.

I  tested out the dark purple shade on my eyes, just to show you how bright it can get.

Here are just a few more examples of how different they look when applied.

 1. Dark Blue
2. Silver 
4. Orange
5. Pink
10. Red
11. Brown



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  1. The palette has won my heart.the colors are so vibrant.
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