Hey guys, Happy New Week!!. It has really been a full two weeks filled with a lot of celebrations and weddings. Well I had to buy a couple of aso ebi and I must tell you, it was hard to take full outfit pictures for my blog because it was really though with the time schedules for the weddings, and getting there on time because no one likes to park outside the venue, or is it only me? but I promise to put a few of them on again to show you the full look. I was lucky enough to sneak out a few selfies, there is no way I can avoid that, It's not just happening. I put up a few of my selfies for each event below, I would like to know which is your Favorite and why. :D 

Look 1
Excuse the blur on the side, I came out of the church to take a selfie, while we were waiting for the bride to arrive and a lady was walking up to me and it had to reflect on the window behind me.
 I kinda went for a simple makeup look, because the fabric was loud enough. 

Look 2

Don't we look gorge? I also loved the blue gele, especially on our champagne silk outfits. Our red lipsticks were just popping. This was the only selfie I took that day, when I got home I was a bit annoyed cos I hardly miss taking a selfie. But as they say,  sometimes you win some and you lose some. 

Look 3
I loved this coral look, this was my favorite gele, I love the colors and details. I actually took the selfie in a hotel room across from the bride's room where she was changing. I and a couple of girls where in the other room getting ready too. Was so proud of myself because it was my first attempt to apply full makeup (I'm still learning and loving it)

Selfie with a few friends

Look 4 
I was actually suppose to wear a yellow gele to the wedding that happened yesterday, but I left it at home while I was rushing to church. On the same day I had to wrap a pink gele because it was A Whole Woman sunday in church, we ladies had to come with pink geles. As much as I wanted to wrap the yellow gele, it was a bit stressful for me to wrap and unwrap. I was forgiven at the end of the day :) 

Which is your fav?

Also how many weddings do you have lined up or you've been to during this season? I'm done for the month, but will resume in December again. The wedding movement is real.



Solange was a lovely, elegant and unique bride on her special day which took place yesterday. We thought Kim Kardashian's paper magazine photo shoot broke the internet, but it seems it is Solange's wedding that's buzzing on the internet. I would have never thought of a bride looking the way she did on their day, but I guess if its your second wedding, it's more likely to get more creative since you've already experienced the princess look, right? Im just guessing. But she really nailed it, loved everything about each of her look and her husband looked dapper.

First Look 

Riding to the venue on a bicycle was a cute way of transportation. 

Second Look

Third Look

Family Members

What do you think about her outfit choice and which is your favorite?



Hey guys, how have you all been? longtime no hear and no post, but I promise in time I would explain everything in full details *pinky swear*. A lot has been going on but like I said will let you all know soon. 
Fashion week has come to an end and I know this a coming a bit late, but we are still in the season even though its not in Lagos, Nigeria. I took a few pictures of the people that were present for fashion week, which is my favorite and main focus "The StreetStyle". I always want to know what each person is going to wear. The dress code for this year seems to be comfy and casual chic. A lot of flats stumped the street of LFDW, there were only a few who considered heels. A couple of ripped jeans and exposed backs made an appearance. Well just to have an Idea of what I'm talking about, Just take a look of the few I captured. 


Happy New Month!! been swamped with a lot of things this week so far, I just know good things are going to unfold this month for you and I :). 
LFDW finally has come to an end, and they saved the best for last, here are a few of the designers that showcased their pieces on the runway. I would love to know the favorite collection so far and pieces. Enjoy!!

Ade Bakare

The Designer

Bridget Awosika

The Designer 

Tiffany Amber

Lanre Da Silva

What were your favorite runway pieces in LFDW?


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