Solange Bridal Looks


Solange was a lovely, elegant and unique bride on her special day which took place yesterday. We thought Kim Kardashian's paper magazine photo shoot broke the internet, but it seems it is Solange's wedding that's buzzing on the internet. I would have never thought of a bride looking the way she did on their day, but I guess if its your second wedding, it's more likely to get more creative since you've already experienced the princess look, right? Im just guessing. But she really nailed it, loved everything about each of her look and her husband looked dapper.

First Look 

Riding to the venue on a bicycle was a cute way of transportation. 

Second Look

Third Look

Family Members

What do you think about her outfit choice and which is your favorite?



  1. you beat me to this post...i love her looks so much..she is just sensational.
    style runs in her them all.x

  2. Loved the jayz family look! Never been a fan of Beyonce but loved her look here and her kid? Always gorgeous.
    Everyone gushes about solanges style which I think is pretty cool but I am so not feeling the wedding outfits at all. The openback was cool tho.
    The photo shoot makes me think of a cult.
    Her son is totally cool ! J always thought an all white wedding would be tacky but they pulled it off!


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