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The Mules have become a favorite to celebrities, fashion bloggers and the closets of shoe lovers. At first I wasn't a fan of it, but somehow, I grew to love it and I am actually looking for a pair to add to me closet (still searching). One of the things I love about the Mules is how easy it is to slide your feet into it and it gives a little edge to your look. Here are a few celebs rocking the trend.

1: Beyonce   2: Lisa Folawiyo   3: Chrissy Teigen   4: Jennifer Obayuwana  

Below are a few more style inspirations on how to rock the MULES!!

What are your thoughts on the trend? Love it or hate it? 



  1. I loovee them and also looking for a pair. The designs that they come in are so chic even!

  2. Mules are everything but i have this feeling they would be out soon so i'm not gonna get one but I love the especially on lisa.

    1. same here, I feel like they would soon go out of style, but still don't mind a pair

  3. Loving this trend. Have to get myself 1 of those...


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