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O boy!! its really been a long vacay from the blog. I really miss you all and sharing my personal style and visiting my other fellow bloggers websites. As of now, if you follow me on instagram ( @infashionrehabng )  it's not a secret anymore that I gave birth to my little princess on Mother's day, May 10th. I still cannot believe I am a mother, sometimes I just stare at her and ask myself if she is really mine. 
As much as I am in love with my baby, I cannot forget Fashion Rehab and I cannot wait to share a few of my maternity looks that showed off my bump.
Most of the outfits I wore from last year August 2014, are also part of my maternity look, but my bump refused to pop until I was almost 8 months pregnant ( Crazy right!!! ). So that's what's gonna be coming up on the blog. 
So below was a photo shoot my sister did for my husband and I. We almost didn't do one because I was tired, and my baby brain was in full speed, so doing almost anything was a strain. But I am happy she convinced me to do it and we all had a blast in the process. Enjoy!!! 

Our Princess



  1. Awww love it! You're glowing...talk about an elusive bump can't believe the last time I saw you you were pregnant! I had no idea. Can't wait to meet her! xx

  2. Congrats girl!! She's a cutie. Most first pregnancies are like that. Mine dint show till I was about 7mnths gone.. GOD bless you all!

  3. Aww...thank God for a safe delivery. Congratulations! She's so cute and adorable.


  4. she is so beautiful. congratulations hun. May God almighty bless and keep her.x

  5. Stunning photo shoot you looked so stunning. So happy for you, your daughter is absolutely precious. God bless her!


  6. Aww! Congrats Velma!


  7. Congratulations, Velma. May the good Lord keep and preserve her.

    Beautiful pictures.

  8. Congrats Velma


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