New In the Closet: Aldo Accessories


YAY!! its another episode of what's new in the closet. It's my favorite post because that means my closet is expanding (a girl can never have enough). I went to Aldo a few days ago to check out what shoes they had on sale just to add some cute pairs to my closet, but instead I stumbled upon these really cute accessories and had to walk out with them. `

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for statement neck pieces. This piece completely caught my eyes and all I could think about was different ways I could style it.

I wasn't going to pick this ear piece at first, I had my eyes on a huge round crystal stud, but my sister grabbed it first. But luckily I saw this pretty piece alone and cold in the corner. 

I have come to develop interest in wearing rings, I just decided to add these pieces to my closet.

I have a problem, whenever I'm purchasing jewelry, I always have to buy a hoop earring for casual days, and also I tend to loose them a lot. 



  1. That statement neck piece is EVERYTHING!!! Love it! I have a growing interest in wearing rings too, I'll definitely be adding more to my collection soon. Lovely post! :-)

  2. i adore that necklace!

  3. What everyone said about the necklace! It's beautiful!

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