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The Maxi skirt has been a huge trend  for a while now, especially with the African print fabric. It is almost a must have in your closet. 
The maxi skirt can almost be paired with anything and can be worn to almost any event, depending on how you want to style it. Here are a few ways different ladies rocked their skirts. 

What do you think of this trend and would you rock it? 



  1. I absolutely love this trend tho I am yet to rock it myself, I should get a few sewn soon.

  2. i love it,, gettin one soon
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  3. i will definitely rock this trend..

  4. Hello Velma,

    It's very elegant and can be dressed up or down depending on the top it's paired with.

    I've got a plain black maxi skirt on my DIY sewing projects list :-)

  5. Such a beautiful collection of mexi dress. those are really very cool and stylish also.
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