Thandos Shoes launched their bridal shoe collection for brides or bridesmaids this Sunday at Grey Velvet in Lekki. The shoes range from size 6 - 12 US and they come in the bronze and silver color. They are quite comfy and fold up nicely, so they can be kept in your purse when your heading out, so that you can switch on them when your feet starts to hurt ( they are a must) or given as a gift to your lovely bridesmaids, the list goes on. The Co-Founder Taffi Woolwards Ayodele was very welcoming and gracious at the event. She was very easy on the eyes and nice to talk to. There are a few pictures below to give you a little Idea on how the event went.

The Co-Founder Taffi Woolwards Ayodele welcoming guests.

Leila Umenyiora who is seen above doing an interview with Ebony Life TV is the brand ambassador for Thandos Bridal collection. She was formerly Miss Universe in 2011. 

A little presentation about the brand and the bridal collection. 

I spy a THANDOS BRIDAL flat on someone's feet!



Hey guys, its another church style episode, and this time, I went for a white wrap top and blue fitted pencil skirt. I wanted to really feel comfortable and free, so that's when I remembered my loose white wrap top. I added some bold accessories because the outfit felt a little too simple and it needed little character. 
It was a really long day for me, because after service, I had to go drop my cutie with my sister and head over to a shoe launch I was invited to in Lekki. It was a nice a well put together event and straight to the point. The details about the event will be up  this week on the blog. 

Top: Asos
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Sophia Webster
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: Fashpa


Hey beautiful and curvy ladies, there is finally an event coming up that caters to our needs finally. It's called "Pop Up Plus". There will be many vendors that cater to plussize women, from clothes, shoes, accessories, food etc. I don't think you want to miss this if you are in Lagos on the 30th of August, and there will be loads of gifts to be won. I hope to see you there!!

Date: Sunday August 30th
Time: 12 noon - 7pm
Location: The Get Arena (Opposite Oriental Hotel, Oniru, Victoria Island)
We all know Kim Kardashian is pregnant for her second baby and she is playing it safe with her style this time. I wasn't too much of a fan with her style choice during her first pregnancy, but I kind of find her a little boring and predictable this time around. Though she pretty much looks really good, her  style mostly consists of skin tight ensembles and long coats or jackets. This time around, you can almost have an idea of what she will wear next. 

What do you think of her second pregnancy style, Hot or Not?


It was another wedding Saturday. One of our good friend invited us for her brother's wedding, so my husband and I went to celebrate  with her family in this joyous occasion. The color of the day was gold and peach, but I didn't have any peach fabric, so I went for coral. I know I was laughing a lot in the picture below because my husband and my friends were saying the funniest things to mess up my concentration.   

Shoe: Asos
Necklace: Aldo
Clutch:  Betsey Johnson


St-Eve is a Magazine I discovered not long ago, and they decided to interview me about a week ago. I think I have improved when answering questions in interviews. If you want to read the interview, check it out                          


This post has been long due. I had promised a long time ago that I was going to reveal my daughter's room once I was done designing it. The room has been done for about 2 weeks now or more but I have been a little too occupied to actually take time out to do this post, luckily I had a lot of time yesterday to do it because she was spending sometime with her aunt. I am also suppose to do a video, but my laptop has been acting up, so please be patient with me, it will be up later today or tomorrow.  

This is her crib, it came with a mosquito net "how lucky was I". I don't really use it because we are mosquito free mafias, we don't play at all and we also thank God.

Here is how her crib looks without it.

At first I wanted the room to be mainly pink and white, but then It started to look a little dull to me. Luckily when I was rug shopping for her room, I saw the beautiful rug below. That was what made me add some green to her room. ps: I love designing, it gets me high! 

I made this door free cupboard for her in order to make it easier for me to know where everything is, and at the same time look pretty. 

from left to right: Tv (will soon go on a shelf)  - Stroller - Closet and laundry bin 

My cutie watching cartoon on her dad's IPad

Her Full names are: Alana Oluwatunmise Deborah Chizara Williams



Hey guys, its another shoe porn episode. I decided to add a few more details to it, so that you know more information about each item. Here are a few shoes that made the list in this episode.


There is a feeling that I hate to get when I am in the mood to shop. That feeling always makes me question my size, weight and shape.  It makes me want to step into the gym asap so that I can purchase some lovely outfits that I stumbled on. That feeling always comes with the question I always have to ask when I see an outfit that I like and something tells me they would not make it in my size, but for some reason I find the confidence to step up to the sales lady and ask the question I am sure most plus size girls like me feel a little bit weird asking when they already know what the answer might be at the end. " DO YOU HAVE THEM IN MY SIZE?" yeh, that's the question I hate to ask when I know I do not really see much plus-size options in the store but some how I deceive myself by feeling like they might have one at the back just waiting for me. To make it more sad, the sales person is always quick to let you down by saying they don't have your size in stock. 

                         Sigh! sometimes I ask myself, why can't every store combine plus-size with the medium and small sizes and just state that they have every item in all sizes, and why can't every store sell for curvy women. I mean, aren't we important too? especially here in Nigeria, to find plus-size clothes that actually look good is almost like finding treasure. I can't wait for the day were at least 90% of both high and affordable stores would consider stalking up on plus-size pieces. We like shopping too, so don't get it twisted.

When you enter a store and you can't find your size or they don't have plus-size in stalk, how do you feel and what goes through your mind?

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