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Hey guys, hope your week is going well. I know I said I had so much fun in my sis wedding, but i'll say it again. "I HAD SO MUCH FUUUNNN" hehe. Well this was the last look for the beautiful occasion. I wore black because I can be a rebel and it very slimming. Gold was a no brainer when it came to pairing a color to the black silk material. I designed this dress for a tailor to create and also the previous one I wore. I would really love to share my sketches very soon. More pictures below.

All materials from Tejuoso market



I can't believe the long weekend has come to an end. I have been so busy and so worn out that I am using today to rest a bit. My sister recently got married to her childhood friend. They did their engagement (Traditional marriage) on the 12th of November and their Church wedding on the 14th of November. It was an amazing wedding, we all had so much food to eat and danced like crazy. I still can't believe my baby sis is now a married woman. It was a bit emotional for all of us because she is the baby of the house, so for some reason you just feel like she would always remain the baby. But now we fully accept that she is a grown woman and its time to move on with the main man in her life. Before I talk too much, lets just focus on the main reason why this post is up.
The family color for the traditional marriage was red and silver, so I bought this beautiful  red lace and made a long dress, and got the mesh material you see on my arms at tejuoso market. I really love the combo of the red and silver, they look so sexy and classy together. More pictures of the look below. 

Gele: Alade Market
Mesh Material: Tejuoso market
Necklace: Aldo
Earrings: Ippolita 

St. Eve West African Fashion Show: Promoting designers and the industry

The organizing committee of the St. Eve West African Fashion Show has revealed that the event, scheduled to take place on November 28th and 29th at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos, will bring enormous benefits for fashion designers and boost the region’s fashion industry.

The annual fashion show, which is in its third year, will be showcasing collection of established and emerging designers from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroun.
According to the organizers, this year’s event is putting the spotlight on the fashion designers and has been designed to help project the business side of the participating brands.

“With this year’s show, we want to market designers as much as possible. Our ideology at St Eve West African Fashion Show is that one day, people here (in Nigeria) can be proud to say they’re wearing an indigenous fashion label just as they are proud to mention foreign brands. This year, our show’s theme is Fashion is Art, Arts is Fashion. The St. Eve West African Fashion Show is a good avenue to project fashion the way it should be projected”, explained Evelyn Okere, Managing Director, St Eve Concept and Chief Coordinator of the St. Eve West African Fashion Show. 

The St. Eve West African Fashion Show has been endorsed by the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria, with a few of the association’s top designers set to participate at the event. Evelyn Okere believes this partnership is only going to yield multiple positive rewards for all participants.  

“Together with the FADAN and her current president Funmi Ajila-Ladipo, we are all working to see that Nigeria is seen as a fashion city just as you go to New York and you know you are in a fashion city.” 


Another beautiful wedding came and passed in a blink of an eye. I can't lie to you, I feel like all I do is attend weddings back to back. This is the second wedding this year that I attended that happened on a Sunday.  The decoration was so beautiful, I have to be honest, and the most important part was the fact that it wasn't over crowded. You could actually leave your seat and you know no one is taking it, so it was a breath of fresh air. Also the wedding was packed with a lot of celebrities, but I could not take pictures because I just didn't  have the time to be walking around and taking pictures. I was so happy I charged my phone which helped me to take a few pictures because if my camera was the only option I do not think I would be able to do this post "something you just don't want to hold anything big". More pictures below.

While hanging out outside, I just took a few pictures with Sharon (producer at Spice TV / blogger) and Ella (Ceo of Esovenn) she made the dress I wore to the wedding :)

Like I said before, I really love the decor. This was the first table we sat on, I just loved everything about it. My clutch just fits right in.  

Osas Ajibade was one of her bridesmaids 

The pretty bride, Lilian Esoro now Franklin

Selfie with Ella and the hubby

Another Selfie with House of Maliq and Madame Solange

And finally, me in my Silver attire :)

Dress made by @esovenn1
Shoes: Asos
Clutch: Karen Millen 


Lagos Fashion and Design Week has finally come to an end. I'm looking forward to next year since I was not able to attend this year due to trying to get other things done. Here are a few more of my favorite street style looks, more below.


Akpos Okudu


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