Today is  joyous and beautiful day, I am truly grateful to God for being able to see another Christmas. My heart goes out to a lot of families who thought they would have an amazing festive season this year, but due to the problems our country has been facing this year due to the new government, it has affected a lot of homes financially and they are not able to have a Merry Christmas. My prayer for myself, family, friends and you is that 2016 would be a year of joy and what you think you have lost this year would be replenished a hundred folds in 2016. I love you all, stay blessed and have a beautiful and fun Christmas. Muah!!!



The festive season is finally here and I am enjoying every bit of it. This post should have been up a while ago, but I have been down with the worst flu ever and at the same time, trying to get a few things done before Christmas. 
Last month, I attended St.Eve Fashion is Art Fashion show and exhibition. I went for a fun casual look, I was really not in the mood for heels (we all have those times). Black was the safe color for me that night because I felt a little bloated. I will be posting pictures of the event soon, I hope your enjoying the holidays!! :)

Blazer: le chateau
Tights: Asos
Shoes: Missguided
Bag: Michael Kors

I just can't believe its already December and I am celebrating Christmas again with my family. I truly love this season because of the decorations, carols, family and friends gathering etc. This photos were actually taken after a little dinner date I had with the Mr a few nights ago. I was not really feeling too good after my recent trip, so he surprised me by taking me out to a restaurant were it can just be the two of us talking about nothing while eating good food. I am sure you all are surprised that I am not wearing heels, well sometimes a girl's feet gotta breath. More pictures below.  

Top: Tailor made
Skirt: Asos
Bracelet: Pandora
Shoes: Ferragamo 

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