Personal Style: A Simple Date Look


I just can't believe its already December and I am celebrating Christmas again with my family. I truly love this season because of the decorations, carols, family and friends gathering etc. This photos were actually taken after a little dinner date I had with the Mr a few nights ago. I was not really feeling too good after my recent trip, so he surprised me by taking me out to a restaurant were it can just be the two of us talking about nothing while eating good food. I am sure you all are surprised that I am not wearing heels, well sometimes a girl's feet gotta breath. More pictures below.  

Top: Tailor made
Skirt: Asos
Bracelet: Pandora
Shoes: Ferragamo 


  1. I love your entire outfit especially the skirt, I wonder if asos would still have it.

  2. Beatutiful!

  3. Looking diva-lish


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