The countdown for 2017 just began!! and as usual, I share my top 10 looks for the year, which of the looks made the cut? In order to find out, you would have to watch it on my channel. I would not be able to do a post this year, due to the amount of things on ground has me a bit occupied. 
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Merry Christmas my loves!! I hope you had an amazing day yesterday. Even though this Christmas might not be as festive as we would like it to be in our country, you have the choice to make the best out of it or sit down and talk about the 101 negative things that happened this year in Nigeria. 
It was nice hanging out with family members and seeing some old faces. It was a day filled with so much love and excitement.Also, wearing this skirt that's is giving me all kinds of life right now, made it more memorable. Mixing African print with a stretchy material is just genius. The extra slight at the back is just so sexy. It was the right choice for such a special day. I would definitely be styling the skirt again from Eevva Collections
I am just glad today was not a working day, due to how late we got home yesterday.

Cute sandals were in order for the day because of the movements ;)

 I can't believe it's only 2 days to Christmas. The weekend is going to be lit, I just hope I won't gain weight this holiday because we go all out with food in my family during the holidays. As happy as I am about Christmas day just being around the corner, I am a little sad that my Christmas lookbook in partner with Desire1709 has finally come to an end. It was so much fun sharing my looks for different occasions for the season, I hope you loved each look, and if you missed them you can check them out.

The blue Jumpsuit was from Desire1709 Clothing Store. It's not every time you want to over dress when you want to head out to chill with your friends. Sometimes you just wanna look cute, elegant and simple. 

Sunglasses: Asos
Bag: Michael Kors

Another week has come and gone, leaving only a few more days to Christmas. Did you think I was done serving you some festive looks for different occasions? No guys, I'm just getting started for the week.
I was suppose to upload this look yesterday, but I got locked out off my house. Long story short, We were able to get into our home in the evening. Not what I planned but things happen. 
So back to the main focus. This look is perfect for a wedding. The one sided off shoulder just shows off the right amount of skin and a little cleave just ready to tease. The brooch on right adds some elegance to the dress, and with an up do like mine, you're on your way to graduate from the school of elegance and the dress is sure to stand out in a crowd. 

Dress: Desire1709

Hey guys, there is another video up on my Youtube channel yay!!. If you remember, I told you I got a product from Jumia a few weeks ago called Hairfinity and I was going to test it out before doing a review. If you missed the post, you can check it out here. I took it for a few weeks  and I have a few things to say about it. In order to know what it is, you need to watch the video.


There is no way girls night out can be exempted from this lookbook. We ladies always need that time out with our girls to let loose. I can wait for my girl to come visit again, even though it drains our accounts, it's all worth it at the end because of all the memories we are create. The reason why I chose this dress is because the animal print is red instead of the color brown, and red is also the color for Christmas. And if you look closer, you will see some shiny golden studs everywhere on the dress. It just adds a little bit of sparkle to the dress, which makes it a perfect look for a night outta town. Also, the length is just right. It doesn't scream skank and it isn't too conservative. It just shows the right amount of sexy by showing off your body shape and legs. 
If you missed the previous looks on my Christmas lookbook collection, you can click Here and Here to check them out. 

Dress: Desire1709

Christmas is slowly approaching and I am still dishing some festive season looks from the lookbook collaboration with Desire 1709 clothing store. Todays look is perfect for date night. The yellow bodycon dress is just right for the holidays and will definitly keep your date's eyes focused on you all night. More of the look below



The festive season is finally here, and looking your best only gives you more joy during this season. 
This year, I will be sharing different looks for the holiday from church looks, to date night, wedding guest looks etc. I would be wearing pieces from Desire 1709 clothing store, they carry sizes from Petite to Plus size. 
The first look for my Christmas Look-book is a dress perfect for church and can also be worn for your Office end of year party. 
What makes me love this dress is not only the color, but how I tied the wrap in front. 



The Pop Up Plus Christmas Party is Just a few days away!! Shop from 25 vendors and designers for all your Christmas outings while you network with other beautiful women.

Date: Sunday December 11th 2016
Venue: Bar 25
Address: 25 Banana Island road, Ikoyi
Time: 12 noon - 7pm

There will be loads of fun and activities including the Zaron experience and a children's  area for kids to play.

Follow @popupplus for more details.

See you there!!


Another week has come and gone and this Sunday, I wore Eevva Collections stylish bubu. The exaggerated sleeves just enhances the beauty of this look. The blue and and green color just blend perfectly, creating the lovely assemble you see me rocking. As usual, I got a lot of complements, and some people actually told me to make this bubu for them, but I told them I got it from Eevva Collections
One thing I would say that I'm sure everyone would agree with, looking good makes you feel so good. 

Also did I mention that they ship worldwide!!

Sunglasses: Le Specs
Bubu: Eevva Collections
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: River Island



Hey guys, hope your weekend started off on a good note. If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel, you would know that I had put up a video yesterday in the evening. I talked about little things we should consider  when giving out Aso Ebi to the Plus Size / Curvier woman.  I also change the Plus Size Struggle segment to Plus size story. I just feel being plus size isn't much of a struggle, it's more of a lifestyle. 
My look in the video was inspired by the first lady of Nigeria Aisha Buhari, it was so much easier tying this Ankara than a head tie. If you want a tutorial on how I tied it, let me know.

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Hey guys, I am just in good spirits after church yesterday. There are some days it just feels like God is speaking through his anionted to tell you the message you have been waiting for. Well this sunday was one of those sundays. I wore this lovely dress yesterday and I must admit, I got a few compliments here and there. It brought out my physic and the color looked so rich on my skin tone. Yesterday was one of those day I wish didn't end. I looked good, I felt good and most importantly, my spiritual was in the right place.

It is really great to know that most stores now in Nigeria are considering plus size women like myself. If you want a dress like this, you can get it from here


Finally I get to show you a recap of what went down at the Nigerian Natural Hair Beauty Show last weekend. It was a little different from the fashion events I would normally go to, but as they say "variety is the spice of life", so I had to experience something a little different, especially since I was one of the few bloggers chosen to cover the event.
First of all, I loved the atmosphere, it was so girly, and most of the stands looked so pretty. It definitely caught my attention that I had to take a lot of pictures, and almost forgot to film.

The event was a dream for a girl with natural hair. There were a lot of natural hair products from different brands, and of course, beauty products had to be present, because regardless of your hair texture, you still gotta slay.

The event was basically for the whole day filled with a lot of hair and makeup tutorials from different speakers, and teachings of body acceptance.

The first speaker was Felicia Leatherwood, she shared a couple of hair secrets that I share on the blog a few days ago, you can check it out if you missed it.

Felicia Leatherwood

The following speaker Ijeoma Eboh, talked about how to choose the perfect hair colorist, so that you do not loose the lovely hair you had already invested so much time in growing and keeping it healthy. Her hair secrets points were also listed Here

Ijeoma Eboh

Lastly, Yagazie Emezi also spoke about body acceptance and how she shows African beauty through her lens. They were very pleasant speakers to listen to, and I sure learnt one or two things from them.

Yagazie Emezi

I missed one of my favorite plus-size bloggers, who was also talking about body acceptance.
She was so sweet in person, we talked a bit and obviously had to seal it with a selfie. I hope to see her again when she visits Lagos again. If you want to see my full outfit, check it out here

To be honest, this cupcake you see in my hand is one of the reasons why I missed her speech. I'm a fat kid, what do you expect :), but doesn't it look so good? well it tastes as good as it looks.

I took a picture of a few hair crushes, looking a a huge Afro gives me life and reminds me of what I could have had, but its all good, as long as I keep my hair long and healthy. 


There is also a video on the channel showing some incite of what happened at the NNHB show. Don't forget to subscribe!!!


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