2015 Top 10 Looks


1)   I wore this outfit to Jumia’s Fashion Mixer. The lace jacket I made out of a friend’s wedding aso-ebi really made the casual look pop. It was fun meeting all my blogger friends and making new ones.

2)  I still can’t believe my little sister is married. This dress was made for her wedding day. I went to the market myself to buy the material and designed the look for the tailor. It came out better than I expected

       3) This was another wedding look for Ubi Franklin and Lilian’s big day. The color of the day was silver. You can’t go wrong with a silk iro and buba. The outfit was made by the lovely @Esovenn1. I tied it really good didn’t I.

4) I love me a pencil skirt any day. This look gave me life and made me feel so good inside, and I just love how the breeze just kept playing with my top, it added a little bit of drama to the picture.

5) One of my preggers look!! I stole this maxi dress from my 
sister’s closet and I refused to give it back till I gave birth. She was pretty calm about it at the end and just wanted to see her niece, lucky me!!

6) The material is so bright and pretty, it was courtesy of WOODIN, they have a lot of lovely fabrics, I just had to make something really cute. I was actually 2 days away from being 8 months pregnant.

7) This is another maternity look, I wore this outfit to the Pandora store launch in lekki (great jewelleries). I was hiding at this time because the elders would say don’t let anyone know about it, it’s not good ooo.

8) I really love this look because of the kimono jacket, its so pretty and as I also love the dramatic look the wind gave it and the whole outfit made me feel so good. The shoes and accessories were from JUMIA, they were just perfect.

9) This maxi skirt and the top was actually made for my sweet baby's dedication. My husband and I chose purple, but I added a different print to match the top. It was such a beautiful day.

10) This is one of my preppy looks that I wore to church on a Sunday with these amazing killer heels I got from missguided.co.uk . I just love the whole look, it is just perfect for church. 


  1. I love all your looks, especially the ones where the wind was playing wind was playing with your top.

    Simply Uneeke

  2. Cool. Nice back drops for your pictures. Want to start a blog soon but haven't found many instagrammable places.

  3. I love these clothes. Thanks for your recommend.


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