Plus-size Struggle: Baby Bump Blues


This is something I have experienced in my first pregnancy and I am still experiencing a little of it now. This is the time every woman's mid section is allowed to hang out and shouldn't be apologetic about it, but noooooo, they just won't let me have it and enjoy that glory of not trying to suck in my tummy or eating a little just to avoid me looking awkward in an outfit. They just won't let me be.

"Ah take it easy ooo, it's like you are gaining weight ooo"

"Since when did you start having tummy, pls ooo don't spoil your shape"

"Don't let yourself go because you are now a mum, press your belly with hot water and it will go back flat"

What haven't I heard...... It doesn't upset me, it just makes me feel uncomfortable and wonder why people can't ask some questions before jumping to conclusions  or just not say anything at all. I know when your on the plus / curvy side, people expect you to have a bulging belling. Although that's the norm, it doesn't mean every plus-size person would have one. 

I would really love to hear any one's story who has been through such or knows anyone who has :)

I'd love to read your thoughts



  1. Well I experienced this in church one day when an usher I know looked at me and whispered ahh!watch it o u're adding so much weight.I guess my tummy was d center of attraction and I was in my second trimester at the time.Apart from that I expect people to know it's offensive except you're that close to me and even at that you will have to be picky about how you say it.Most times they need to just shut up.

    1. Its so annoying, atleast ask or look and dont say anything at all. Keep it to urself till u have done research lol

  2. I think they deliberately do it! Like can't you mind your business??? I was in the airport one day and an official worked up to me and said madam try and reduce your tummy na! Not knowing that I just misccaried 5months old pregnancy. I just started crying!! Like seriously??? You can just walk up to someone and hurt the person because you can't mind your business???

    1. O my, it is well dear. Sorry for your loss. Its about time people start minding their business. If ur not in the friend circle, then don't approach someone and just say the first thing that comes to mind.

  3. oh well, i wasn't pregnant and some lady asked me if i was... sigh people are so rude. well that drove me to lose some weight LOL
    it can be completely annoying when strangers cant just shut up...


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