Maternity Style: Valentine's Day Edition - Lady In Red


Happy Valentine's Day!!! I just love this holiday because of the heart shaped and beautiful decorations everywhere, with lovers surprising themselves with gifts and spending quality time together. This time around. The Mr and I decided to chill and just stay indoor after church. Even though we are not doing anything this year, that doesn't mean I won't show what I decided to wear if we were heading out, or inspire expecting mums and let them know they can still look sexy on such a day as this regardless of their baby bump. 
Red was the color for me this year, due to the lack of wearing red outfits. I love red, but I guess when shopping, that is the least color in mind. I guess leaving it for Valentine and Christmas day is good enough for me.

Some of you might be thinking or scared about me still wearing heels at this time of my pregnancy. Well, my feet isn't swollen and I can still walk well in them, but I stand as long as I normally do. For expectant mum's who can't wear heels like I do, you can exchange them for a wedge. Just make sure they are cute, comfortable and go with your choice of outfit.

Happy Valentine's Day again!!! stay beautiful and fabulous

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