Maternity Style: Inspirational Plus-size Maternity Looks - 2nd Baby

 Another pregnancy has come and gone, and as usual, it was always hard to tell that I was pregnant. My bump loves to play hide and seek. But for some reason this second time around, towards 7 months, I looked like I ate 2 watermelons, I'm not even joking. It was one of the reasons why I could not post any personal style because none of my clothes could fit anymore, and I refused to buy maternity clothes or go up a size extra. At 8 months, fashion was not on my mind at all, all I wanted was to be as comfortable as possible. I normally wore my go to everyday kinda outfits, they were like gold to me. I guess what they say is true about the second pregnancy looking much more heavier.

Below are my style choices from my first to third trimester, check them out and share your thoughts.

First Trimester

Second Trimester

Third Trimester

Being plus-size and pregnant is not an excuse not to look good *wink*

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  1. Omgosh..I wish that I looked this good when I was preggers! Congrats on baby #2!!!

    KLP @

  2. Go girl, you look amazing!!! As usual

  3. I think all the looks were on point! I hope I can dress a pregnant body well when my time comes.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. With how mothers are vexing now a days, its enough inspiration not to dull lol

  4. Nice style :)
    Maria V.

  5. Slayed all through!

  6. You were stunning in all your looks, I love the picture of your bump in the red dress - you slayed.

  7. Omg your pregnancy style is on fleek!!
    Please check out my new fashion inspiration blog:
    Thanks x


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