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Hey guys, hope you  had an amazing weekend!! I would say mine was relaxing and eventful. My family and I spent our Sunday in the park. Our friend's baby girl turned 1 yesterday (we all had our kids back to back). It was so much fun as usual hanging out with friends. 
I chose to wear a fitted dress from Banana Republic, and paired it up with tights due to the Mafia Mosquito in the area "they don't play", and finished with a pair of slip on. 

Some people might go against the the idea of wearing tights in Nigeria. Apparently, they say its too hot to wear one, and I say, just because its too hot to wear clothes some days, does that mean we should come out naked? Yeh, I thought as much. 

Me with my little princess strolling in the park. I really loved her dress, she looked so cute in it. She was so happy to be out, running about and playing with her friends. Being a mum is the best feeling ever, especially knowing that this little cutie came out of you, and has some of your traits. I really feel so blessed :). 

Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Mango

Dress: Ruff n Tumble


  1. You looked gorge!! Where is number 2?

    1. Thanks hun, she was with grandma. She isn't 3 months yet.

  2. Aww you both look lovely!

  3. i love the shoes..

  4. lovely shoes
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  5. You might be right... better tights than leggings, which I wore all the time in Lagos anyways.

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