Sing "tell em that it's my birthday, tell em that it's my birthday,". Yaaaaasssss, its that special time of the year again when yours truly was born. A plus size / curvy baby, who grew up to be a fine, curvy lady. I am just grateful to God for the grace upon my life and seeing me through this year. Words cannot express my gratitude. 
I also want to say thank you to my well wishers, you truly made my day. In the birthday spirit, I had to look yummy yesterday. I truly love this dress, not only is it very comfy, it is so prettttyy!! It is a lovely piece to have in your closet. More pictures below...



We African woman have been on the team natural movement / lifestyle for a couple of years. We go natural for a couple of reason such as, maintaining healthy hair, for longer and thicker hair or just to get with the trend. But most importantly, a lot of African girls want their hair to grow as much as I do, and I knew I had to be determined and be religious with whatever steps I found were working for me.

Shave It Off
 Now I'm not saying you should shave your hair, but I did due to a lot of hair loss and damaged roots. I was just tired of my hair and I wanted to give it another chance in life to be something greater than it was.

Team Natural
While my new growth kept coming out little by little, I decided to go team natural and not relax my hair. I had to make sure my hair grew out around my front hairline, so that I wouldn't be tempted to cut it off again. 

I went all natural for 2 and a half years. It wasn't easy at all. My best friends were wigs, single braids and full head covered weave (that looked like a wig). I never really looked good with my natural hair, I looked like I just landed in Lagos from the village, please don't ask me to explain :D. So I hid it as much as possible.

Oiling The Hair and Scalp
 I don't know if oiling my hair and scalp helped in growing my hair, but I do know how it prevented it from breaking and getting dehydrated.
The reason why I am not listing the products I used on my hair is because I wasn't really using them religiously enough for them to make an impact. I mainly just applied cream to my scalp and hair whenever it went dry. But if you want something to use on your scalp and hair, try natural coconut oil or castor oil.  

Hair Relaxer
I relaxed my hair before I got pregnant and I must tell you, I loved the bounce, strength and thickness of my hair. My hair was given another chance in life once more. But in order to maintain that bounce and softness my hair had, I only relaxed the new growth, whenever my hair was due. Relaxing only the new growth avoids damaging your hair which has already been relaxed. Relaxing it continuously does the hair no good "from my experience" your hair damages faster and losses its bounce. I relax my new growth every 3 months.

I also started treating my hair, on a regularly. I believe I treat my hair 3 times a year, it helps reduce breakage and keeps the hair strong.

As much as i don't like trimming my hair, it really helps keep your hair healthy and cuts of damaged roots. I trim my hair at least 3 - 4 times a year and my hair is as healthy as I first relaxed it.

During Pregnancy
Avoid relaxing your hair while your pregnant, especially in your last trimester and doing tight braids. It could lead to hair loss after delivery, believe me when I say it, it wasn't an easy price to pay after I gave birth to my second princess.

African hair can grow, it just takes dedication, taking care of it and knowing what works for you.


Shop From Stylish Wardrobes on discount and Bid For Good at NFB Yard Sale
*Old treasures find new homes.*
Ever wished you could raid the wardrobes of those people whose style you love? Now, you get the chance to! 

NFB yard sale is a shopping project that seeks to bring quality and stylish items from the wardrobes of style-savvy individuals to buyers at a fraction of the original prices.

"People sometimes buy things they never wear, own things they love that no longer fits, or just simply arrive at a stage in their lives that calls for a change of style; new job, new resolutions, or new tastes. These are few reasons why clothes end up unused or as clutter in most wardrobes."

At the yard sale, you'll get to shop from a diverse collection of styles, sizes, and price points. Whether you are shopping from the Budget Booth which offers items at N3500 and below, or from the Bargain Booth which lets you negotiate on must-have pieces sold  above 3500, you'll definitely score something spankin’ new or pre-loved pieces from different wardrobes at a fraction of the original price. 

Our aim is to help people give their unused possessions a lease on life by passing it on to a new owner, while providing buyers with discounted and stylish wearables.  The pieces sold at the yard sale have been sourced directly from personal wardrobes. 

There will be an Auction during the yard sale, which was conceptualized as a fundraising strategy for the Iroto School of Catering in Illoti community, Ogun State. The Yard Sale team is currently in correspondence with a representative of the Women’s Board Educational Cooperation Society, a not-for-profit NGO set up to contribute to the development of the Nigerian woman through various educational activities. The mission of the school is to continuously equip young women from impoverished backgrounds with skills and a better chance of sustaining themselves and their families. 

The auction, hosted by the fashion and lifestyle blogger Cassandra Ikegbune of cassiedaves(dot)com and an OAP from Spice TV,  will feature gorgeous and rare/valued wardrobe pieces donated by style-savvy influencers, and entrepreneurs such as Bidemi Zakariyau of LSF PR, Sharon Ojong, Sika Osei, Bola Balogun, and Temi Dollface.

Date:  July 24th, 2016  Booths Open: 12pm. Auction starts:  3pm
Venue: 35A Ethnic Heritage Center, Raymond Njoku. Ikoyi, Lagos
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I've been telling myself to post this, just to show you a glimpse of my personal life events. But I finally started editing the pictures today and before I knew it, I started heading to my blog. 
For some of you who have been checking up on my personal style post, this what the outing I wore my brown banana republic dress to. 

It was so much fun catching up with friends as usual. One of our friend's daughter just turned one. They had a little get-together in a park in VI and invited friends and family to come chill, eat and have fun. I felt so good seeing kids running around, especially seeing your own child playing with friends and seeing her favorite uncles and aunties. 
By the way, I am a *Hello Kitty* fan, that's why I was posing with her party pack above. "Don't worry, I gave it back to her when we got home" hehe. 

More pictures below. 

The adorable birthday girl "Tara" with her mother, uncle and friend "Alana"

Her cute cake

 Alana receiving love from Uncle Moses

Alana's other friend known as Elena

The boys / uncles

Father and daughter love "priceless"

Mother and daughter "besties"



It`s been a long time since I wore a romper and I`m sure a lot of you are shocked I`m showing a lot legs  (sometimes, a girl`s legs gotta breathe). I wanted to wear something a little bit out of my comfort zone, especially with no heels on, because the truth is, the higher your heels, the less chunky your legs are gonna look when you have a lot of thighs like mine *smiles*. It actually felt so good, and looked better than I expected. Also as you can see, I am really feeling my hair. I have worked so hard for it grow, and I can`t wait to share a few of my hair secrets. 

Romper: Asos
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Michael Kors
Earrings: Aldo


The sun has really been on its A game these days and the weather has not been too friendly during the day. I try to dress as light as possible and avoid wearing black so that I don't consume too much heat. 
One of my go to shirts recently is my Marley Vintage Shirt. It feels so good on the skin, light and colorful. There are other colors though for those who are not fans of the color pink. It also comes in different sizes so no one would be left out. Check out their Instagram for more colors and you can also place your orders :) 
Instagram: @Marleyvintage 

Shirt: Marley Vintage Shirts
Shoes: Miu Miu
Jeans: Asos
Tank Top: Marciano
Sunglasses: Asos


I never thought I would see the day when some of these celebrities would come join the plus size gang, but sorry to burst your bubbles, they were actually created with Photoshop. These art was created by a 21 year old Spanish artist known as David Lopera. He doesn't do the average Photoshop you see in magazines, such as skinnier legs, slimmer waists etc.  The bigger the better as far as Lopera is concerned, as he tries to convey the message that big is also beautiful.
Lopera told DIYP he was inspired to create these images after he noticed how overweight women were being treated.
Check out a few of his artwork.

Kim Kardashian

Carly Rae Jepsen

Katy Perry

Iggy Azalea

Mila Kunis

Jennifer Lawrence

Emma Watson

What are your thoughts?


Being a plus-size woman or girl in Nigeria comes with having a tough skin. Some people  always feel like they have to say something or make a comment about your size like having extra meat on your bones is funny or a conversation starter. For instance, when they come across someone they haven't seen in a while, they tend to talk about how they've gained weight, changed, and how they looked a lot better when they weighed less, which is not a bad thing. But the problem is the fact that most people tend to make it their "daily bread" to call out your problem areas and how they feel losing weight would make your life a lot better. 
I have listed below a few things your most likely to hear in Nigeria as a "Plus-size" woman.

You are so pretty, but you would look better if you were skinny: The truth that people aren't going to say out in the open is that fact that not everyone would look good slim, some people look a lot better with a little more flesh on their faces. Also, how boring would it be if everyone were the same size.

Don't you want to loose weight?: This question always makes me laugh. Off course about 90 percent of plus-size people want to lose weight. But the truth is, not everyone has the ability to, or can't due to some personal reasons. It all starts with them making the choice and taking that first step and seeing it through.

Fatty bum bum /  Orobo : What does  "Fatty bum bum" mean though? All I hear when someone says that is "FAT ASS", I don't see anything wrong there, do you?. But as for "Orobo", that hurts mehn. 

Why are you wearing that? It doesn't fit you
Who made you a Naija fashion police? There is nothing wrong saying that someone looks terrible in what they are wearing. But when you are referring to their size, its quite rude and shows that your a meanie.

Ma, we don't Carry Them In Your Size 
Sale girls are always ready to jump in and spoil your dreams while your shopping. Even if you don't ask them if they have a certain dress in your size, they are ready to yell out "Ma, we don't carry that in your size". It is well, hopefully, size 14-20 would be a norm in various stores. 

If you were slim, you would have married since: Sometimes, I wonder if the same people that are saying this are actually Nigerians. Last time I checked, Some Nigerian men like a lot of meat on their missing rib, just saying.

If there is any saying that isn't listed above, please state it below, and also share how these words also make you feel. 

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