My Life: 7 Things I Did To Grow My Hair


We African woman have been on the team natural movement / lifestyle for a couple of years. We go natural for a couple of reason such as, maintaining healthy hair, for longer and thicker hair or just to get with the trend. But most importantly, a lot of African girls want their hair to grow as much as I do, and I knew I had to be determined and be religious with whatever steps I found were working for me.

Shave It Off
 Now I'm not saying you should shave your hair, but I did due to a lot of hair loss and damaged roots. I was just tired of my hair and I wanted to give it another chance in life to be something greater than it was.

Team Natural
While my new growth kept coming out little by little, I decided to go team natural and not relax my hair. I had to make sure my hair grew out around my front hairline, so that I wouldn't be tempted to cut it off again. 

I went all natural for 2 and a half years. It wasn't easy at all. My best friends were wigs, single braids and full head covered weave (that looked like a wig). I never really looked good with my natural hair, I looked like I just landed in Lagos from the village, please don't ask me to explain :D. So I hid it as much as possible.

Oiling The Hair and Scalp
 I don't know if oiling my hair and scalp helped in growing my hair, but I do know how it prevented it from breaking and getting dehydrated.
The reason why I am not listing the products I used on my hair is because I wasn't really using them religiously enough for them to make an impact. I mainly just applied cream to my scalp and hair whenever it went dry. But if you want something to use on your scalp and hair, try natural coconut oil or castor oil.  

Hair Relaxer
I relaxed my hair before I got pregnant and I must tell you, I loved the bounce, strength and thickness of my hair. My hair was given another chance in life once more. But in order to maintain that bounce and softness my hair had, I only relaxed the new growth, whenever my hair was due. Relaxing only the new growth avoids damaging your hair which has already been relaxed. Relaxing it continuously does the hair no good "from my experience" your hair damages faster and losses its bounce. I relax my new growth every 3 months.

I also started treating my hair, on a regularly. I believe I treat my hair 3 times a year, it helps reduce breakage and keeps the hair strong.

As much as i don't like trimming my hair, it really helps keep your hair healthy and cuts of damaged roots. I trim my hair at least 3 - 4 times a year and my hair is as healthy as I first relaxed it.

During Pregnancy
Avoid relaxing your hair while your pregnant, especially in your last trimester and doing tight braids. It could lead to hair loss after delivery, believe me when I say it, it wasn't an easy price to pay after I gave birth to my second princess.

African hair can grow, it just takes dedication, taking care of it and knowing what works for you.



  1. Thank you for the tipshun. I just shaved off my hair a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait for the new growth..... Hopefully I treat my hair better this time around

  2. Awww, it would have been nice to see your natural hair.

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