My Life: The Park, Cake and Friends


I've been telling myself to post this, just to show you a glimpse of my personal life events. But I finally started editing the pictures today and before I knew it, I started heading to my blog. 
For some of you who have been checking up on my personal style post, this what the outing I wore my brown banana republic dress to. 

It was so much fun catching up with friends as usual. One of our friend's daughter just turned one. They had a little get-together in a park in VI and invited friends and family to come chill, eat and have fun. I felt so good seeing kids running around, especially seeing your own child playing with friends and seeing her favorite uncles and aunties. 
By the way, I am a *Hello Kitty* fan, that's why I was posing with her party pack above. "Don't worry, I gave it back to her when we got home" hehe. 

More pictures below. 

The adorable birthday girl "Tara" with her mother, uncle and friend "Alana"

Her cute cake

 Alana receiving love from Uncle Moses

Alana's other friend known as Elena

The boys / uncles

Father and daughter love "priceless"

Mother and daughter "besties"



  1. Aww I love the photos, so bright and cheerful. Looks like a fun day!

  2. The babies are cuutee.. Sigh, how do I get that cupcake? Looks so yummy.
    The Other Side of Midnight

  3. Lovely lovely photos! Hanging with friends is always fun.

    Berry Dakara Blog


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