Plus-size Struggle: 6 Things Plus-size Women Would Most Likely Hear In Nigeria


Being a plus-size woman or girl in Nigeria comes with having a tough skin. Some people  always feel like they have to say something or make a comment about your size like having extra meat on your bones is funny or a conversation starter. For instance, when they come across someone they haven't seen in a while, they tend to talk about how they've gained weight, changed, and how they looked a lot better when they weighed less, which is not a bad thing. But the problem is the fact that most people tend to make it their "daily bread" to call out your problem areas and how they feel losing weight would make your life a lot better. 
I have listed below a few things your most likely to hear in Nigeria as a "Plus-size" woman.

You are so pretty, but you would look better if you were skinny: The truth that people aren't going to say out in the open is that fact that not everyone would look good slim, some people look a lot better with a little more flesh on their faces. Also, how boring would it be if everyone were the same size.

Don't you want to loose weight?: This question always makes me laugh. Off course about 90 percent of plus-size people want to lose weight. But the truth is, not everyone has the ability to, or can't due to some personal reasons. It all starts with them making the choice and taking that first step and seeing it through.

Fatty bum bum /  Orobo : What does  "Fatty bum bum" mean though? All I hear when someone says that is "FAT ASS", I don't see anything wrong there, do you?. But as for "Orobo", that hurts mehn. 

Why are you wearing that? It doesn't fit you
Who made you a Naija fashion police? There is nothing wrong saying that someone looks terrible in what they are wearing. But when you are referring to their size, its quite rude and shows that your a meanie.

Ma, we don't Carry Them In Your Size 
Sale girls are always ready to jump in and spoil your dreams while your shopping. Even if you don't ask them if they have a certain dress in your size, they are ready to yell out "Ma, we don't carry that in your size". It is well, hopefully, size 14-20 would be a norm in various stores. 

If you were slim, you would have married since: Sometimes, I wonder if the same people that are saying this are actually Nigerians. Last time I checked, Some Nigerian men like a lot of meat on their missing rib, just saying.

If there is any saying that isn't listed above, please state it below, and also share how these words also make you feel. 



  1. Loose some weight so you don't look older than your husband.��I hear that alot

  2. Yup, been called "Orobo" more than a few times - and this was before I even gained weight! One lady at work actually said to me, "You're on a diet? You can never lose weight."

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. don't we all get that... sigh! one day, we shall prevail when ever we decide to start that journey.

  3. From a guy that was toasting me 'You have a lovely personality but you have bad packaging'.

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