Event: Mrs Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Spice TV, Elma Godwin and Others joined to make the NFB Yard Sale a huge success


Hey guys!! it's a new month filled with so much blessings, all I can say is, remain expectant and keep your faith strong while you keep putting your hands to good use. It has been a long time coming to deliver this post. I was suppose to attend NFB Yard sale, to sell a few of my clothes that I don't wear anymore, I'm sure a lot of plus size ladies would have loved to get a few lovely pieces under 3k. Unfortunately, I could  not be part of it due to another event I had promised to attend. I can't wait for next year, I would definitely not miss it for anything. So before you checkout the pictures below, here are a few things you need to know about NFB yard sale.

.Ginikachi Eloka, the creative lead behind the pre-loved shopping platform NFB Yard Sale has always wanted to find new ways to help foster community and new connections between fashion bloggers, insiders and the average fashion lover. She has also never seen the point of wasting a good dress. The NFB Yard sale, held on Sunday 24th July at Ethnic Heritage Center Ikoyi was her answer to both. 

It also provided an interesting opportunity, to give back to the community  by holding an auction to fundraise for Iroto School of Catering, a school with the mission to continuously equip young women from impoverished backgrounds with skills and a better chance of sustaining themselves and their families.

The main thrust of the event was the Yard sale, thrown open to all interested. After careful vetting, twenty two sellers found new homes for gently used items from their personal and professional wardrobes. Clothing for men and women were on the stands as were accessories, jewellery and shoes. 

With food by several vendors, music and drinks, the shoppers mingled, getting to meet some of their favorite fashion people including lifestyle bloggers Cassie Daves, Mide Coker, Ifeanyi Okafor Jnr and Desola Mako  as well as fashion heavy weights like Mrs. Adesuwa Onyenokwe. They also got to interact with each other and forge new connections, while supporting a noble cause. 

There was a secondary purpose for the Yard sale and several items donated by Bidemi Zakariyau of LSF PR, Sika Osei of Mnet Africa, Temi Doll Face, Denola Grey, and Ijeoma Ndukwe to mention a few were put up for auction to the guests of the Yard sale in order to raise funds for Iroto catering school. 

After a successful auction chaired by Mrs Onyenokwe, Elma Godwin, and Cassie Daves, the yard sale team was able to meet a good part of its donation target.

The yard sale was organized by Ginikachi Eloka and Oprah Morgridge, both of whom are engineering majors with a love for fashion. 

The Yard Sale was sponsored by: SPICE TV, TW Magazine, Pulse Nigeria, The Other Style, and Ethnic Heritage Center.


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  1. I love attending events like this! Beautiful pictures.



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