Personal Style: Bright Sunday


I am so loving this dress, I just love the bright colors and pattern, you just can't miss me when I walk passed you. I wore it to church yesterday, it was an easy wear for me. I was so tired, and almost couldn't make it to church because the kids decided to do night vigil and slept at 2 am. It wasn't cute when I woke up at 7 and had to get them ready and myself to head to church. Luckily, I had this beautiful piece in my closet, and I was ready in a few minutes and headed out. I wasn't in the mood to wear heels, so the dress helped me cover my slippers *happy face*. Our Naija plus size stores are doing it big, thanks to @CANTIKCURVES on instagram for such a lovely piece, more pictures below. 

Lipstick: Ruby woo- Mac
Dress: @cantikcurves
Necklace: Fashpa
Sunglasses: Asos


  1. love the colour splash of your outfit.

  2. That dress is gorgeous and very easy to throw on yet still makes a statement.Slippers are the best thing to wear for me every time with all the running around chasing Grace.You wore it well.

  3. Thanks so much Velma for your patronage. Your dress look fabulous on you. Hoping to you wear more of our dresses. Soonest...:)


  4. That's really cute! And like Cheechee said, very easy to throw on. I love dresses like this. Great job to the designer.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. You look so fab , you wore it well


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