My ooo my, it's been a crazy and hectic week, I don't event know where to begin. It's bad enough that sleep is basically a luxury to me now. I am also doing school runs, taking a class, and two other extra things on my plate I can't even begin to mention. I just hope I haven't shot myself in the foot this time *ain't nobody got time for that*. But in the mist of all this hectic schedule, a girl always makes time to check out some amazing fashion pieces online. 
The lovely pieces you see below are currently on my wishlist, I have been eyeing them this week, and wishing someone would say "I just want to put a smile on your face" hehe, a girl can dream right?  

I love every piece here to the point that I would't know which one I would take home if I had one choice, because each has sometime unique that makes it stand out.

1. Givenchy heels

2. Pink dress

3 Asos Mistress dress

4. Christian Louboutin

5. Laare Black mixed lace

If you could pick one, which would you pick?

It's a good feeling when you step outside, the sun is shining and no drop of rain falls on your forehead. These days, having a sunny day that is just the right temperature is so rare, but such a day finally showed up on the day I was taking pictures for this post. My hubby and I strolled a little afterwards, just to enjoy the weather. I wish we could have more days like this in Lagos, it would be amazing.
I finally pulled my black dress out of the closet that I wore during my first pregnancy, I felt like a million bucks. I'm guess it's because  I wasn't carrying any extra weight in my mid section *hehe* "been pregnant for too long mehn, a sister gats to chill". The choice of accessory gave the dress a little different look. I wore two necklace to add a little glam and an extra touch to the dress because of how simple it was, and since I wasn't wearing any heels, I just had to wear slippers that had some bling just to avoid looking too casual and simple.

It was truly a great day to be out, from taking blogs pictures, to chilling in a cafe eating tasty pastries to attending a birthday party. It was truly a nice holiday. How did you spend your Sallah holiday?

Dress: Debras Grace
Bronze Neckace: Oscar de la renta
Bag: Versace
Sunglasses: Le Specs


This weekend was dedicated to the family, It felt so good seeing my dad and his wife, my sister and her hubby and taking the kids to see grandma and grandpa. All of us under one roof was so much fun, we felt like kids again. 
Another amazing thing about the weekend was attending church on Sunday after missing a few due to some setbacks. The message was so refreshing and I could feel the presence of God, especially during praise and worship. I didn't want the service to end, but as always, every good thing must come to an end. 
By the way, this was my Sunday outfit, the top is actually a dress I wore under the midi skirt. I didn't have much of an option for a top to wear with this beautiful skirt. After putting the outfit together, It came out perfectly.

More pictures below

Top (dress) : Asos
Skirt: Tobi Ogundipe @tosfa_
Bag: Steve Madden


 Pop Up Plus recently celebrated their anniversary on the 28th of August at The Social Place. It was sponsored by a UK based women's plus size clothing brand known as  Dearcurves. They made their first debut in Lagos at the event, and they are looking to expand to Lagos Nigeria, I'm pretty excited about it. Now there will be one more amazing shopping option for the Plus size sistahs. 
       It was a great turn out, regardless of the rain that fell. It just goes to show how much we just love how Pop Up Plus makes shopping easy for the curvy ladies, by gathering different plus size brands together in one place.
If you missed the event this year, you don't want to repeat the same mistake next year. 

More pictures below.

Left to right: Mariam (Head of operations for Dearcurves) and yours truly Velma Williams


Left to right: Latasha Ngwube Creative Director or About That Curvy Life , Taje Prest Tv personality, Makioba Olugbile Creative director of Makioba and Erumu Odiete Ceo of Popupplus.

Tosfa's Shopping Stand

I ran into Bukola Akanbi, she hosts the 'Abla Woman Show' on an online radio station Happenings9ja


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