Current Wishlist: Givenchy - Tosfa - Asos - Christian Louboutin and Mabelloclothier


My ooo my, it's been a crazy and hectic week, I don't event know where to begin. It's bad enough that sleep is basically a luxury to me now. I am also doing school runs, taking a class, and two other extra things on my plate I can't even begin to mention. I just hope I haven't shot myself in the foot this time *ain't nobody got time for that*. But in the mist of all this hectic schedule, a girl always makes time to check out some amazing fashion pieces online. 
The lovely pieces you see below are currently on my wishlist, I have been eyeing them this week, and wishing someone would say "I just want to put a smile on your face" hehe, a girl can dream right?  

I love every piece here to the point that I would't know which one I would take home if I had one choice, because each has sometime unique that makes it stand out.

1. Givenchy heels

2. Pink dress

3 Asos Mistress dress

4. Christian Louboutin

5. Laare Black mixed lace

If you could pick one, which would you pick?


  1. That Tosfa dress is so cute.I think imma visit my tailor with the!

  2. This Tosfa dress is sooooo cute!!!

  3. I'm not a fan of pink color but that Tosfa dress looks really nice!
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