Personal Style: Sunday Best


This weekend was dedicated to the family, It felt so good seeing my dad and his wife, my sister and her hubby and taking the kids to see grandma and grandpa. All of us under one roof was so much fun, we felt like kids again. 
Another amazing thing about the weekend was attending church on Sunday after missing a few due to some setbacks. The message was so refreshing and I could feel the presence of God, especially during praise and worship. I didn't want the service to end, but as always, every good thing must come to an end. 
By the way, this was my Sunday outfit, the top is actually a dress I wore under the midi skirt. I didn't have much of an option for a top to wear with this beautiful skirt. After putting the outfit together, It came out perfectly.

More pictures below

Top (dress) : Asos
Skirt: Tobi Ogundipe @tosfa_
Bag: Steve Madden

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