FR Points: 6 Lagos Fashion Design Week Essentials


Lagos Fashion Design Week is finally here, and what other better way to make the most of the experience than making sure you are covered. I listed 6 essentials you might need to know to avoid being stranded and distracted.

Camera / Phone: a camera or a phone with high megapixel is very essential. Not only would you be able to take pictures of the latest designer collections, you would also get to see a lot of people dressed to express. Also, you can use the street style photos for blog content "if you are a blogger" or for personal style inspiration.

Dress To Express: How boring would it be to dress the same way you would on a day to day basis to a fashion show. This is the time to really express yourself. Go that extra mile and don't be afraid to express your self in your style, it is the only way to make a statement.

Water and a snack: before the main show starts, you would be doing a lot of exploring because there would be a lot to see. Having a bottle of water or snack will keep you hydrated and ready to go!!

Flats / Slippers: My ladies who can't help but wear high heels, but they can't stand the pain due to standing while waiting for the doors to the runway show to open, a pair of slippers or sandals are very handing. Once the pain starts coming, you can switch it up once you cant take it anymore.

Makeup Kit: The weather is not smiling, it is pretty hot. Having a little makeup kit which consists of foundation, powder, lip gloss or lipstick to touch up your makeup is important. We don't want any running makeup. Also the kit should have a handkachy or tissue paper.

Ticket: please don't forget your ticket, you won't be allowed in. Taking a picture of your ticket doesn't count. As for the early bird ticket that was purchased via jumia, don't forget to print it and bring it with you.

Saved the best for that last: HAVE A BLAST!!! 

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