HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Complex Supplement


This is going to be interesting 'hashtag happy face'. So the reason why I am a little excited is because I always saw a lot of celebrities and people talk about Hairfinity and how much it has helped their hair grow or the other way round on their social media platforms, and now I get to test it and share my own testimony. 
I got the package over the weekend courtesy of JUMIA and Brock Beauty. The delivery was on point first of all, and the package of the product is also really pretty. If you must know, my favorite color is pink, so they won me there already.  

I'm a little sensitive to the idea of taking pills to gain really healthy hair, but having a little hair loss after my second child, I guess it might be a sign from above to get me back to my fuller and rich hair.

I like the fact that there is an extra lid protecting the pills, keeping it fresh and making it last longer.

So the package basically states to take two pills a day to help get my hair in shape. I already started my journey yesterday, so I should be giving a feedback in a month's time with a before and after video, Wish me luck!



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