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Hey guys, I hope you are having an amazing month so far, and if you follow me on instagram @infashionrehab , you would notice why nothing has been up for a while. This is going to be maybe the only time I am really going to be this open and personal on the blog, i'm not really the type to talk much about myself on a personal level, but I feel the need to share this to hopefully help or encourage someone out there, and hopefully teach the importance on taking things easy because health is important. So here's my story....

.My life has become a rollercoaster filled with so much events that keep me away from actually having a me time, a Velma moment, reaching out or just to sit down and have a drink while reading my favorite magazine or browsing through my favorite blogs or website. Sleep has become a luxury and silence has become a thing of the past, but truth be told, if I were to have my old life back were I had a lot of  me time, long hours of sleep and using all my money to buy things I needed or more, I would not give it up for what I have now.
This year was truly an eye opener for me and also exposed me to a lot of things I had never experienced before. It has also made me open to trying out new things and exploring a little more and finding out what life has to offer me.
It all started in the early days of January. I wanted to find a purpose or do something meaningful in my life that would benefit  my family and I, but I was told numerous times to wait and focus on my kids especially since I was also due to have my second princess pretty soon. As tempting as it was to take their advice (which is a good one), the little rebel in me wanted to try it out first before I accepted the faith and switch up my gear in full mummy mode "stylish modern mummy mode". So I sent my CV to 3 companies for a writing job and got 2 response back for an interview. I was so excited, but was scared that I was 3 months due, and once they see me, I would get rejected. But funny enough, they both wanted me, but I picked the one closets to me. Also let me add that my husband and family members were not to pleased with my timing, but they didn't push much once they saw how determined and optimistic I was about the new experience. 
During the same time I got the job, I actually applied for NYSC "yes I am serving my country as I type this post". I kept stalling because I wanted to do it with one of my friends and I was not looking forward to the camp experience from some terrible stories I had heard. Time went on by, and my plate was already filled with work, registering for NYSC, blogging, taking care of my first baby and focusing on my pregnancy.

After a few months, I got offered a chance to be one of the fashion contributors for Guardian Life Magazine. I was so excited and replied the email as soon as I read it. At that point, my plate was really full. Just when I thought it couldn't get any tighter, I gave birth to my beautiful Hazel Arinola Williams on April 7. My family and I were so excited about the new addition to the family, she was so beautiful and precious, and had really pink lips she inherited from her grandpa. At that point, I had put everything in my life on hold because I had to give my baby full attention and also allow my body to heal after bringing life into this world. It didn't take up to 6 weeks before my rollercoaster life started all over again.
All I could think about was my blog, corper life, work and my first child turning one. With everything pulling me left and right, I almost broke down, but somehow still found strength to pull through. To think that wasn't enough for me, fast-forward to a few months later, my toddler started school, I started taking a class to learn a trade which will be revealed later on, and I'm planning on working with more plus-size fashion brands in Nigeria etc. It wasn't long before I thought this was it, and I thought I was going to cave in, due to how my health was deteriorating. 
One faithful night, my sister and her husband happen to be around when I was having a mental breakdown. My sister watched me till my husband got home, while her own husband was helping me with the kids. I couldn't move my body, or talk well and my head was pounding. I almost thought I was going to give in, but thank God God is still God. I was taken to the hospital and placed on admission. I was diagnosed with really high malaria, and apparently they had almost eaten up my white blood cells and the doctor told me I had over stressed my body. I just laid down on the hospital bed staring at the ceiling and talking to myself to take it one step at a Time.
This crazy schedule really hit me so bad to the point that I am still recovering and resting as much as I can. I just thank God for the gift of having a smile on my face regardless of any circumstance I might face. So when people ask me how I do it with 2 babies, work, blogging etc, I just smile and say it is God because I know its not by my power.
Due to my interesting year,  I have not been able to read my friends blogs to comment or support their business as I would like, but my memory escapes me sometimes, and when I remember I know sorry doesn't cut it so I stay silent. Neither have I been able to reach out to a few friends and just ask how their days are going. 

But I am very thankful to God for everything that has happened and I am thanking him for the greater things that are coming ahead, and I pray that as you read this, you shall get daily assistance from God in all your endeavours and may you find the purpose which you were put on this earth for and also find a career that is fulfilling emotionally and financially. Have a blessed week!!!!


  1. WOW, you are a TROOPER!!! It's perfectly understandable that you're not blogging as much, because you have a lot on your plate. I would just say to manage your time as best fits you - take time to rest when you can and certainly get some "me time" whenever you feel the need to.

    Best wishes!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Well done dear . God is your strength

  3. You have done it! You are truly Blessed. Go forth and be YOU!

  4. I am happy to know you are doing better, God bless and keep you and continue to give you all the strength you need to juggle everything.


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