Event: Nigerian Natural Hair Beauty Show 2016 Recap


Finally I get to show you a recap of what went down at the Nigerian Natural Hair Beauty Show last weekend. It was a little different from the fashion events I would normally go to, but as they say "variety is the spice of life", so I had to experience something a little different, especially since I was one of the few bloggers chosen to cover the event.
First of all, I loved the atmosphere, it was so girly, and most of the stands looked so pretty. It definitely caught my attention that I had to take a lot of pictures, and almost forgot to film.

The event was a dream for a girl with natural hair. There were a lot of natural hair products from different brands, and of course, beauty products had to be present, because regardless of your hair texture, you still gotta slay.

The event was basically for the whole day filled with a lot of hair and makeup tutorials from different speakers, and teachings of body acceptance.

The first speaker was Felicia Leatherwood, she shared a couple of hair secrets that I share on the blog a few days ago, you can check it out if you missed it.

Felicia Leatherwood

The following speaker Ijeoma Eboh, talked about how to choose the perfect hair colorist, so that you do not loose the lovely hair you had already invested so much time in growing and keeping it healthy. Her hair secrets points were also listed Here

Ijeoma Eboh

Lastly, Yagazie Emezi also spoke about body acceptance and how she shows African beauty through her lens. They were very pleasant speakers to listen to, and I sure learnt one or two things from them.

Yagazie Emezi

I missed one of my favorite plus-size bloggers, who was also talking about body acceptance.
She was so sweet in person, we talked a bit and obviously had to seal it with a selfie. I hope to see her again when she visits Lagos again. If you want to see my full outfit, check it out here

To be honest, this cupcake you see in my hand is one of the reasons why I missed her speech. I'm a fat kid, what do you expect :), but doesn't it look so good? well it tastes as good as it looks.

I took a picture of a few hair crushes, looking a a huge Afro gives me life and reminds me of what I could have had, but its all good, as long as I keep my hair long and healthy. 


There is also a video on the channel showing some incite of what happened at the NNHB show. Don't forget to subscribe!!!



  1. Very nice recap. There were a couple other speakers as well, right? Ronke and Kiitana. Thanks for sharing.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Thanks hun, yes, but I could not stay still the end, they we scheduled for 6 - 7 pm


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