Personal Style: Feeling Nude in Lizharrison


Hey guys, I am just in good spirits after church yesterday. There are some days it just feels like God is speaking through his anionted to tell you the message you have been waiting for. Well this sunday was one of those sundays. I wore this lovely dress yesterday and I must admit, I got a few compliments here and there. It brought out my physic and the color looked so rich on my skin tone. Yesterday was one of those day I wish didn't end. I looked good, I felt good and most importantly, my spiritual was in the right place.

It is really great to know that most stores now in Nigeria are considering plus size women like myself. If you want a dress like this, you can get it from here



  1. Hello,

    Woow, love it ! :D


  2. The dress style is pretty and very flattering on you.

  3. Hello, looking great with great outfits
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