Eevva Collections Gets The Curvy Woman


Another week has come and gone and this Sunday, I wore Eevva Collections stylish bubu. The exaggerated sleeves just enhances the beauty of this look. The blue and and green color just blend perfectly, creating the lovely assemble you see me rocking. As usual, I got a lot of complements, and some people actually told me to make this bubu for them, but I told them I got it from Eevva Collections
One thing I would say that I'm sure everyone would agree with, looking good makes you feel so good. 

Also did I mention that they ship worldwide!!

Sunglasses: Le Specs
Bubu: Eevva Collections
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: River Island



  1. This dress is so colorful and stylish

  2. It's really beautiful, love the colors.


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