Girls Night Out Look For Christmas - 12 Days Of Christmas with Desire 1709 Clothing Store

There is no way girls night out can be exempted from this lookbook. We ladies always need that time out with our girls to let loose. I can wait for my girl to come visit again, even though it drains our accounts, it's all worth it at the end because of all the memories we are create. The reason why I chose this dress is because the animal print is red instead of the color brown, and red is also the color for Christmas. And if you look closer, you will see some shiny golden studs everywhere on the dress. It just adds a little bit of sparkle to the dress, which makes it a perfect look for a night outta town. Also, the length is just right. It doesn't scream skank and it isn't too conservative. It just shows the right amount of sexy by showing off your body shape and legs. 
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Dress: Desire1709

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  1. I agree with you, the dress shows the right about of sexy while still being modest and it really flatters your curves. Can I say I love that print and those shoes, those shoes!

    Princess Audu 


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