Merry Christmas My Loves

Merry Christmas my loves!! I hope you had an amazing day yesterday. Even though this Christmas might not be as festive as we would like it to be in our country, you have the choice to make the best out of it or sit down and talk about the 101 negative things that happened this year in Nigeria. 
It was nice hanging out with family members and seeing some old faces. It was a day filled with so much love and excitement.Also, wearing this skirt that's is giving me all kinds of life right now, made it more memorable. Mixing African print with a stretchy material is just genius. The extra slight at the back is just so sexy. It was the right choice for such a special day. I would definitely be styling the skirt again from Eevva Collections
I am just glad today was not a working day, due to how late we got home yesterday.

Cute sandals were in order for the day because of the movements ;)


  1. I love the skirt.
    Nd the slit behind...... 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Love your outfit, the skirt is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful print on your skirt !
    Hope u have a wonderful Christmas <3


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