Hey ladies, I got these rolled up flats a few days ago from this plus size shoe store Pedisbox and I must say, it has really made a difference in my life just these few days I've been going out, while wearing my killer heels. When ever I am tired of wearing my heels, I just switch them for these babies. They are so comfortable, lithe and portable. I have been taking them out with me everywhere I go recently whenever I put on heels. Not only are they cute, they come in different colors of your choice and they have RED SOLES!! 

Whenever I want to replace my shoes for these flats, I put them in the black bag it came with and slip on the flats. That way, it's easier to carry around and it is a lot more flattering. No lady looks proper or cute holding her shoes in her hand and walking around. It just tells people your business without saying anything

(black bag is under the flats and box)

The sizes range from a size 8 to 12 US

see more colors here 


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